Sunday, 7 August 2011

Nostalgic fabric scraps...

There has been no sewing these past few days. I've been busy cleaning and organizing my work area before I tackle the next batch of sewing projects. Part of the cleaning and organizing has been going through my collection of fabrics.
Eddie Bauer wilderness print used for little boy shirts

Yesterday, I came across pieces of fabric that I have nostalgically held onto.  

They are scraps of fabrics that I just can't seem to let go. These pieces of fabric make me think affectionally of the past and those special people that were a part of it.  

"As to children -- or grandchildren -- we are likely to clothe them in the way we want them to go.  Perhaps we don't do it as simply as people did in the past. Then with clothes you brought out the little sailor in the boy or the little lady in a girl" (Harvey 35-6).
Cotton twill with tractor print used for little boy overalls
Yes, they are the scraps of fabric from clothes I have made for my niece and nephews over the years.

Pink cotton dress with embroidered bodice
Silk plaid fabric used for dress.  

The fabrics may not seem like anything special. But to me they are precious as the children that wore them.

The children in these photographs are not children any more. They have grown up into teenagers. And like most teenagers they don't want "to be clothe in the way we want them to go".

It is a hard lesson to learn, that they grow up and want to be their own person and don't want to wear home-made clothes.

Fabrics of love, hope, and dreams
My niece stating very matter-in-factly that she has no interest in fashion and that she's a "jeans and tee-shirt" girl. And she wears the look well.

She also has expressed no interest in my offer months ago to sew her grad dress as she enters her senior year.

I was hoping this summer we would have picked out a pattern. And that I would be busy sewing a muslin when I have the free time and while she's out of school and available for fittings.

But it doesn't look like it will happen and it is all fine and I totally get it.

I certainly wouldn't want to deprive her of the experience of creating her own memories and going shopping with her gal-friends for their grad attire just because I'm nostalgic about sewing one more special dress.

Polar Fleece Version 1
But my favourite fabric memory will have to go to my nephew who two years ago asked me if I would make him another polar fleece for Christmas. I had made him one before that he was growing out of, so of course I was thrilled that he asked and got to work.

This is it, and he was happy until he tried it on and he couldn't get it over his head. Seriously, the neckline was too small!

Of course, I made him a new one. Over the phone one day he told me that the one I made for his older brother fits. But he didn't want the hood so I went to work making a new fleece according to his specifications.

And it turned out great, except for being totally too big for him. Bless his heart, it didn't stop him from wearing it from the day he got it.

I'm still waiting for him to grow into it.

Harvey, John.  The Art of Living Series: Clothes.  Stocksfield:  Acumen Publishing Ltd., 2008.   


  1. Wonder who that young man could be in the last picture??? he looks very good!

  2. That's my nephew, and yes he does look very good! And my goodness, he was one adorable child too, just like his siblings. ;-)

  3. :O that can't be true!!!!!!!!!! he looks like he's a good kid!

  4. What? What "can't be true"... what did I miss?


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