Monday, 22 August 2011

Triple, triple... stat!

So it was a rough start to the morning. I promised Mama R I would finish her dress but YIKES! No more cream, how could that be? And hours away from when the grocery stores open. It was too late to go back to bed, I'm awake now. This calls for drastic measures.

I grab my car keys and head down to the closest Tim Horton's, the only coffee shop open at the moment, to feed my caffeine addiction. Not my favourite coffee, that would be Second Cup's Ethiopian Lima but they're not open. 

Even though Tim's is not the best tasting coffee I've had they do have cream and I have that caffeine addiction. Enough cream and hopefully I can mask their coffee taste. But it didn't work. Well, what can I expect for $1.64? At least it will get me going until the grocery stores open, right?  

Now I should mention that I'm making McCall's 9007 "2 Hour Dress" and it hasn't worked out to be a "2 Hour Dress". 

Let's see: 

Pre-washing the fabric:   20 minutes in the washing machine, 40 minutes in the dryer
Cutting out the fabric:     45 minutes
Markings:                        5 minutes
Change thread (serger):   10 minutes
Sewing the zipper:          Okay, that was uber-quick, 10 minutes tops
Sewing shoulder seams:  A minute
Sewing side seams:         5 minutes
First fitting:                     10 minutes
Seam rip side seams:       10 minutes
Reshape neckline:           5 minutes
Serge seams:                   10 minutes
Ease armhole:                  3 minutes
Armhole seams:               5 minutes
More serging:                  5 minutes
Make bias tape:               15 minutes
Finish neckline:               20 minutes
Finish sleeve:                   20 minutes (hand-stitching)
Finish hem:                      40 minutes (hand-stitching)
Final pressing:                 10 minutes

Mama R's final fitting
Pattern companies can be so misleading! Or maybe it took me longer because I didn't have all the necessary fixings for my morning coffee?  

But it is all good because I'm pleased with how it is turning out and most importantly so is Mama R.  

No more alteration requests at the final fitting. So I'm set to head out side into the perfect sewing light and hand stitch away.

Well, until the grocery store opens... 


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