Thursday, 4 August 2011


I've been doing some research. I'm getting ready to tackle a big project, a winter coat. I decided on Vintage Vogue pattern 1083.

The fabric is 100% wool that I picked up in the sale section at my local Fabricland. Can you believe that no one snagged this all up? I was almost ready to pick up another metre and a half to make a matching skirt before I channeled my inner self-control. Regular price on the wool was $42.00 (Cdn)/metre, sale price 70% off. Love it when that happens!

The quilted green fabric was in my stash of fabric that I had at home.  I'm going to use it for the lining.

But I'm a wee bit short on the lining fabric. My solution is to use the black lining from my old winter coat for the sleeve lining.

My old winter coat doesn't fit anymore. It is the story of my closet.

I do plan to utilize more than the lining  from my old winter coat. And as I take it apart to utilize the fabric I hope to discover some secrets of coat making.

The wool from my old winter coat, I thought I would use to make a muff!

I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now, I'm in the research stage.

I'm checking out coat related blogs and spending some time with Vogue Sewing reading the chapter "Inner Construction: The Undercover Story" in preparation of this big project.

Have you ever made a winter coat? Any advice? This will be my first coat ever, well except for McCall's 2465 which really doesn't compare. I would love to hear your coat stories.

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  1. LOVE this pattern! I haven't yet made a winter coat as I've got several vintage ones in my closet (though I may make a short coat this year)....but what a fantastic deal on wool!!! I seriously love wool! and this looks fantastic!


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