About Me

Welcome to Sew Essentially Sew! My name is Graça and do I really need to say I enjoy sewing? When I'm not sewing you can find me in the kitchen, (latest hobby is making cheese), while avoiding that ever-growing mending pile. I'm not so crazy about mending.

I've been sewing (and mending) off and on for many moons. I don't "need" any more clothes, I just like the challenge and sewing is a way for me to relax. I sew my own wardrobe, forth year on a ready-to-wear fast, clothes for my Mom, and I enjoy doing charity sewing as well.  Some of my sewing makes it onto my Etsy shop, Sew Essentially Sew.

Thanks for stopping by.  💋

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are taken by me and are owned by me.  Copyright © 2011-2017. All rights reserved.    

Sweet Memories: OOP McCall's 8548

Once upon a time, circa 1996, McCall's came out with the sweetest Toddlers' pattern. It had pattern pieces for a unlined jacket, dr...