Sunday, 25 November 2018

Living Dangerously

The latest version of Simplicity 8529 is in a winter white. A very dangerous colour for a coffee and tea drinker.  

To be honest, I was actually thinking about using this mystery knit fabric for Vogue 9330 but it wasn't enough yardage for the muslin. It was, however, the perfect amount for Simplicity 8529.   

This pattern has turned out to be a favourite for sure. It is well drafted and all the piece go together with no issues. It's certainly an easy project for a beginner.  

Version A is my favourite of all the versions offered in this pattern.  There is a certain vintage vibe with that funnel neckline that I just adore. And the relaxed fit is very comfortable.   

The Stats

Fabric:  1.5 metres

PatternSimplicity 8529

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Sewing machine, walking foot, serger, threads, pins, tailor's chalk, iron, ironing board, scissors, and a hand sewing needle.

Happy Sewing!  

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

To Be Gifted...

I don't personally know any little gals that could use a little dress but I truly enjoy sewing Vogue 1455.  So I'm really thrilled when I have an opportunity to make one.  I'm sad to report that this is now an out-of-print (OOP) pattern because this is such a cute dress.  It is still available on the Vogue website as an OOP pattern so if you want to give it a try, it's still available but for a limited time and at the OOP pattern price.  

When I offer to make a dress for someone's daughter, my only request is that I get to choose the fabric.  I'm trying to use up fabric from the stash.  This is my favourite side, it's reversible. It's a white and black floral print and 100% cotton.

The reverse side is a combination of floral prints. The hem band is a 100% cotton and I'm not sure if the main body fabric is a linen.  It feels like a linen but it's been in my stash for so long that I'm not 100% sure.  All I know it that I think it's cute and I'm thrilled that I have finally made something worthy of this fabric.

Fingers are crossed that it will make the little gal it will be gifted to very happy.

The Stats:  

Fabric:  2.6 metres

Ribbon:  1.5 metres

Pattern:  OOP Vogue 1455

Buttons:  4 - 3/8" buttons

Additional Supplies & Tools:  Cutting table, scissors, pins, tailor's chalk, sewing machine, button hole foot, serger, threads, thread clippers, iron, ironing board and an audio book playing in the background while I sewed. 

Happy Sewing!  

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Holiday Sewing

It's that time of year, when sewing machines are humming and busily working overdrive to made the holidays a little extra special.

Or maybe not... Are you still wondering what to make for your special love ones?

1.  How about the old stand-by, pajamas?

I'm my humble opinion, there is nothing more comfortable than a two piece pajama top and bottoms set. And there are so many options available by the big four and independent pattern companies alike for the whole family.

Fabricland and Fabricville are even carrying NHL licensed hockey themed flannel, cotton and knits for those hockey loving folks on your list this year. Too casual? Dress up the pajama look with silk. Kathryn Brenne wrote a wonderful article for Vogue Patterns Magazine on sewing silk pajamas. But the big question remains, is it okay to wear your pj's out as streetwear when you're hitting the boxing day sales? Well, that's up to you, if you don't mind a look that's so 2017.     

2.  If you live in a climate that has four distinct season and where you're at is more closely associated with North Pole type weather. How about a soup bowl cozy?

These are easy to make. 

3.  Talking about cozy and easy to make, how about a pair of mittens. Don't worry if you don't know how to knit. This is a great way to up-cycle an once-upon-a-time favourite sweater or use up pieces of wool fabric that is laying around and could be felted.  

Well, the question remains, what will you be sewing this holiday season?  

Sunday, 18 November 2018

What to do with Fabulous Fabric?

Back in September I won a gift certificate to EmmaOneSock.  Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic was hosting the give-away as part of National Sewing month. It took a while to final decide on a fabric. I finally went with a virgin 100% wool from Italy. 

I knew that I wanted something warm and that I wouldn't be able to easily find here.  I was thinking a pullover sweater for moi but when it arrived I knew that my plans would have to be modified. This fabric was too beautiful and it would make a beautiful cardigan for my Mom. But she was reluctant.  I didn't understand until she told me that she wasn't quite happy with the pattern I had been using for her cardigan sweaters was not fitting the way she like. That is why I went to work on the cardigan last weekend.  I wanted to show her that I could fix the pattern to her liking and it was then that she let me get to work on this wool.  

But let me back up a bit... 

This was the first time I ordered fabric online without seeing or handling the fabric first. It wasn't an impulse selection. I researched the selections on the website. So how was the shopping experience. It was as fabulous as this fabric. Seriously, the website is easy to navigate and I like how they organize the fabric selections and the detailed description of the fabric. The checkout process was seamlessly easy. And I was beyond impressed with how carefully the fabric was packaged when it arrived in the mail. I was skeptical, and no I'm not wasn't bribed with another gift certificate to sing their praises here.  I'm genuinely impressed with the experience and would honestly recommend checking out the fabrics they offer.  

It was such a joy working with this fabric and making someone happy. Isn't that what sewing is all about.  

The Stats:  

Fabric:  1.6 metres

Pattern:  OOP Butterick 5760

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, pins, tailor's chalk, scissors, steam iron, ironing board, sleeve ham, tailor's ham, pressing mitt, pressing cloth, sewing machine, walking foot, jean-a-ma-jig, thread clippers, serger, threads, hand needle and a thimble.  

Happy Sewing!  

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Boiled Wool Cardigan: OOP Butterick 5760

It's finished but I think I might take this cardigan back to the sewing table and add some lined pockets.

I'm undecided on the pockets. Maybe I'll sleep on it and decide in the morning.  

This project is a basically Butterick 5760 with the neckline raised and narrowed with the aid of OOP Kwik Sew 573. And then it was lowered in the front by and inch and trimmed back by five eighths of an inch. The hemline was shorted by a quarter inch and the sleeves were also shortened. 

The fabric is a boiled wool blend that I found in the clearance section marked down 70% off a few years ago. It had a border embroidery design that had some damage to it but with some careful placement I was able to cut to sleeves with no evidence of any embroidery flaws. 

The front and backs were cut on the side without the embroidery design. It is a classic and simply design but I think the details on the sleeves add a little something. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  

Fabric:  1.5 metres

Pattern:  Butterick 5760

Additional Supplies &Tools:  Sewing machine, serger, cutting table, pins, scissors, tracing paper, pens, ruler, iron, ironing board, clapper, walking foot, jean-a-ma-jig, threads, hand-sewing needle, tweezers, mini-vacuum, lint brush, and a cup of tea.  

Happy Sewing!   

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Let it Snow!

Sometimes you just need some colour to get you through the winter. And according to the Farmers' Almanac the forecast this winter is "going to be very, very cold."  Yes, I know the 2018 -19 colour trends call for a more muted shade of green but it's not about being on trend. It is all about being warm,  survival and I won't get lost in a snow storm wearing this colour. Hopefully, I won't be outside during a snow storm. But I digress... 

A revisit with, now out-of-print (OOP), Vogue 8934 for this project. American designer Marcy Tilton created a coat pattern that I truly do admire. It is loose enough to wear layers underneath and it has pockets. And this is one well drafted pattern.  I will admit that I was tempted and did search for a new coat pattern but in the end I went with what worked in the past.

The coat fabric and quilted lining fabric have been in my stash for quite awhile. I barely had enough of the quilted lining fabric and had to piece the sleeve lining.  The same happened with the micro-fleece underlining fabric. Quilting techniques, not just for blankets.

The biggest struggle with this project was locating appropriate buttons.  Why is it so hard to find coat buttons in this town?  I went with a gold coloured button because I initially thought to go with a gold colour cotton back lining fabric. Since the window of opportunity to exchange the buttons passed the initial button remains.  Since this coat has a front fly it won't be visit when buttoned up.  

The Stats

Fabric:  2.3 metres Melton wool

Underlining:  2.3 metres of micro-fleece 

Lining:  3.4 metres of quilted lining fabric. 

Interfacing:  1.2 metres sew in hair canvas

Label:  Vogue Designer

Buttons:  6 - 1/2"

Thread:  Finished off three spools of thread.  

Pattern:  OOP Vogue 8934

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, scissors, pins, tailor's chalk, ruler, measuring tape, measuring gauge, thread clippers, sewing machine brush (for turning over the corners), hand needles, threads (for the serger, sewing machine, button thread for stitching the facing and buttons), sewing machine, walking foot, buttonhole foot, serger, quilter's table attachment (for the sewing machine), thimble, tea, and a visit to a massage therapist (after all those hours of hand-stitching). 

Happy Sewing!   


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