Sunday, 18 November 2018

What to do with Fabulous Fabric?

Back in September I won a gift certificate to EmmaOneSock.  Carolyn from Diary of a Sewing Fanatic was hosting the give-away as part of National Sewing month. It took a while to final decide on a fabric. I finally went with a virgin 100% wool from Italy. 

I knew that I wanted something warm and that I wouldn't be able to easily find here.  I was thinking a pullover sweater for moi but when it arrived I knew that my plans would have to be modified. This fabric was too beautiful and it would make a beautiful cardigan for my Mom. But she was reluctant.  I didn't understand until she told me that she wasn't quite happy with the pattern I had been using for her cardigan sweaters was not fitting the way she like. That is why I went to work on the cardigan last weekend.  I wanted to show her that I could fix the pattern to her liking and it was then that she let me get to work on this wool.  

But let me back up a bit... 

This was the first time I ordered fabric online without seeing or handling the fabric first. It wasn't an impulse selection. I researched the selections on the website. So how was the shopping experience. It was as fabulous as this fabric. Seriously, the website is easy to navigate and I like how they organize the fabric selections and the detailed description of the fabric. The checkout process was seamlessly easy. And I was beyond impressed with how carefully the fabric was packaged when it arrived in the mail. I was skeptical, and no I'm not wasn't bribed with another gift certificate to sing their praises here.  I'm genuinely impressed with the experience and would honestly recommend checking out the fabrics they offer.  

It was such a joy working with this fabric and making someone happy. Isn't that what sewing is all about.  

The Stats:  

Fabric:  1.6 metres

Pattern:  OOP Butterick 5760

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, pins, tailor's chalk, scissors, steam iron, ironing board, sleeve ham, tailor's ham, pressing mitt, pressing cloth, sewing machine, walking foot, jean-a-ma-jig, thread clippers, serger, threads, hand needle and a thimble.  

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. Beautiful!!! I must check out EmmaOneSock.

    God bless.


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