Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Holiday Sewing

It's that time of year, when sewing machines are humming and busily working overdrive to made the holidays a little extra special.

Or maybe not... Are you still wondering what to make for your special love ones?

1.  How about the old stand-by, pajamas?

I'm my humble opinion, there is nothing more comfortable than a two piece pajama top and bottoms set. And there are so many options available by the big four and independent pattern companies alike for the whole family.

Fabricland and Fabricville are even carrying NHL licensed hockey themed flannel, cotton and knits for those hockey loving folks on your list this year. Too casual? Dress up the pajama look with silk. Kathryn Brenne wrote a wonderful article for Vogue Patterns Magazine on sewing silk pajamas. But the big question remains, is it okay to wear your pj's out as streetwear when you're hitting the boxing day sales? Well, that's up to you, if you don't mind a look that's so 2017.     

2.  If you live in a climate that has four distinct season and where you're at is more closely associated with North Pole type weather. How about a soup bowl cozy?

These are easy to make. 

3.  Talking about cozy and easy to make, how about a pair of mittens. Don't worry if you don't know how to knit. This is a great way to up-cycle an once-upon-a-time favourite sweater or use up pieces of wool fabric that is laying around and could be felted.  

Well, the question remains, what will you be sewing this holiday season?  

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