Sunday, 31 May 2015

Me-made May: The Final Week

Monday, May 25th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Yellow and indigo linen dress Vogue 9107 worn with taupe coloured slip and creamed coloured sweater (it's freezing at work with the air-conditioning and hot outside with +28º C).  Shoes:  bone coloured shoes.

Gym wear:  (Worked out at home) Marcy Tilton dress Vogue 8975 worn as a tunic worn with knee length leggings.  Shoes:  Keen runners.
Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Tuesday, May 26th:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black cotton sateen double-kick pleated skirt OOP Mccall's 7870 worn with a Cynthia Rowley blue cotton short sleeve tee-shirt.  Shoes:  Black Ralph Lauren wedged shoe until they started to make blisters at the heels and my tender tootsies couldn't take it anymore.  Burgundy Mephistos.

Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Wednesday, May 27th:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black linen and rayon Lynn Mizono dress Vogue 1312 worn with Mac and Jac Jacket.  Shoes:  Black Ralph Lauren wedge shoes (with bandages).

Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Thursday, May 28th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Taupe coloured wool pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with yellow three-quarter length sleeve Olsen tee-shirt, kAtheRine Tilton silk vest Butterick 6064, and taupe coloured cotton socks.  Shoes:  leather lace-up shoes.

Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Friday, May 29th:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Blue Marcy Tilton skirt Vogue 9060 worn with black Holt Renfrew tee-shirt, black pin-tucked jacket, coffee-coloured tights and navy windbreaker.  Shoes:  black ankle boots.

Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Saturday, May 30th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Wool pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with blue sweater and grey down-filled jacket (yes, it was that cold this morning) and later in the afternoon changed jacket to a black Donna Karan cotton jacket.  I also changed into RTW jeans when doing yard work.  Shoes:  Black ankle boots and navy rubber boots.   

Evening:  Red Rachel Comey skirt Vogue 1247 worn with pink floral Liberty Art print shirt. Flannel pj's OOP McCall's 8525.  

Sunday, May 31st:  (4 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black wool pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with peplum top OOP Vogue 8936, grey socks and cream coloured sweater.  Shoes:  tan coloured wedged shoes.    

Gym wear:  Green shorts OOP McCall's 4312 worn with navy Sketcher tee-shirt and black sports socks.  Shoes: Keen runners.  
Evening:  Flannel pj's OOP McCall's 8525.  

And that marks the end of another Me-Made May.  Let's see, I could use some more tee-shirts that don't cling to my mid-section, work-out gear and pj's.  

Happy Sewing!  

May in Review...


As you can see, there hasn't been a lot of action over at the sewing table.  

RTW Fast:  

[Holding head in shame] I'm a horrible faster this year.  I again, fell off the wagon when I picked up a cotton tee-shirt that is fitted at the bust and flares towards the hemline. I defiantly need to copy this one.  


Sewing Supplies
Used from Stash
Additions to the stash
Basting Tape
2.08 metres

Bias Tape



1.3 metres
.83 metres

27.75 metres
54.9 metres
1.35 metres

Lace Trim
1.2 metres
6 metres


Hooks and Eyes

3 previously used
11 new
1.2 metres
13 metres
Serger Thread

Sewing Machine Needle


Spools of Thread

2 - 22” invisible
1 - 12" invisible
1 - 8”  invisible
1 - 7" invisible
1 - 18" zipper
1 - 8" invisible
1 - 22" invisible 
Pants / Shorts

Happy Sewing!  

Monday, 25 May 2015

Me-Made May: The Third Week

Saturday, May 16th:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black linen and rayon Lynn Mizono dress Vogue 1410 worn with Buffalo denim jean jacket.  Shoes:  Mephistos.  
Gym gear:  Grey knit exercise pants worn with long-sleeved navy sketcher tee-shirt and white socks.  Shoes:  Keen runners.   

Evening:  Fleece lined knit loungewear Simplicity 2289 worn with knit loungewear pants.   

Sunday, May 17th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Grey and blue pinstriped wool and cashmere pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with blue cashmere Lords & Taylor pull-over sweater and black socks.  Shoes:  Franco Sarto black leather ankle boots.  

Gym gear:  Green exercise shorts OOP McCall's 4212 worn with white Olsen tee-shirt and grey socks.  Shoes:  Keen runners.  
Evening:  Grey fleece lined knit loungewear Simplicity 2289 worn with knit loungewear pants and wool socks.

Monday, May 18th:  (1 me-made item)
Day and evening wear:  Blue and black plaid flannel dress (worn as pj's all day) McCall's 6600. I would like to note that it is a holiday here and we woke up to snow--it was a flannel pj wearing kind of day.

Tuesday, May 19th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black light-weight wool pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with black and white polka dot Liz Claiborne shirt, black knee-hi's, cream colour jacket Vogue 1263.  Shoes:  black dress shoes.

Gym gear:  Grey sweatpants, navy Skechers tee-shirt and grey sports socks.  Shoes:  Keen runners.
Evening:  Blue and black plaid flannel dress pajamas McCall's 6600.

Wednesday, May 20th:  (4 me-made items)
Day wear:  Marcy Tilton skirt Vogue 9060 worn with black tee-shirt from Holt Renfrew, cardigan sweater McCall's 6844 and beige spring coat OOP Burda 7304.  Shoes:  Clogs from Browns.

Evening:  Black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Thursday, May 21st:  (1 me-made item)
Day wear:  Black linen and rayon Lynn Mizono dress Vogue 1312 worn with Mac & Jac linen jacket.  Shoes:  tan wedged shoes.

Evening:  Knit pull-on pj bottoms and Sketcher tee-shirt.

Friday, May 22nd:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Navy Rachel Comey skirt Vogue 1247 worn with white shirt Burda 7136, navy Liz Claiborne cardigan and navy windbreaker.  Shoes:  Red sandals.

Gym gear:  Green shorts OOP McCall's 4212 worn with tee-shirt, white sports socks.  Shoes:  Keen runners.
Evening:  knit shirt and pants.

Saturday, May 23rd:  (1 me-made item)
Day wear:  Orange floral skirt New Look 6106 worn with yellow camisole and short sleeve knit cardigan from Mexx.  Shoes:  Mephistos.

Evening:  Knit pull-on pj bottoms with Sketcher tee-shirt.

Sunday, May 24th:  (3 me-made items)

Day wear:  Green cotton skirt Burda 6766 worn with ivory and pearl cardigan sweater. Shoes:  tan wedged style. Black and ivory knit Marcy Tilton skirt Vogue 9060 worn with black tee-shirt. Shoes: mephistos.

Evening:  Black and blue plaid flannel dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Well, that is what my me-made week looked like--a crazy mix of items just like our weather that started off with snow at the beginning of the week and ending with summer-like temperatures. I wonder what this week will bring.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Colour-Block Linen Dress

Stash-busting 2015:  Vogue 9107

Fabric:    2.8 metres of 100% linen $53.63 ($16.95/metre + taxes)

Zipper:    55 cm invisible zipper $4.41 ($3.90 + taxes)

Pattern:   Vogue 9107 $7.34 ($5.99 on sale + exchange rate + taxes + shipping)

This pattern and fabric have not been in my stash for very long. The pattern I picked up during last month's online sale (finally arrived a week and a half ago) and the fabric I couldn't resist when I recently stumbled across this over at Mitchell Fabrics. These are the quickest stash-busted items my sewing table has seen.   

I was concerned with the shape and fit of the armhole and shoulder after reading a couple of reviews over on Pattern Review. And especially after the disappointing armhole and shoulder episode I have with the last pattern I sewed. Are dropped armholes and big shoulders a thing this season? If they are, I missed that memo! But there was no need to worry, I didn't find any fitting issues to complain about mainly because I put sleeves on my version.  If I were to make another sleeveless version I would just tweak the shape of the lower front armhole opening just a smidge.

The sleeve is perfectly drafted. My goodness, I love how easy it was to fit these sleeves. It is a two piece sleeve pattern that has a underarm seam and another seam extending from the shoulder seam. The fit is perfect. The only change that I made to the sleeve was to change it from a long to a three-quarter length sleeve.

I would highly recommend this pattern in a heart beat. I love it! It has a fitted bodice and diagonal seaming which I am quite smitten over. The only change that I made to the pattern was to lengthen the hem an inch and a half and cut the sleeves as three-quarter length sleeves.

I will mention that the pattern pieces for the lower portion of this dress are huge! It is the only part of the pattern that I did not enjoy.

Working on the floor in order not to let the single layer of fabric hang and risk a less than perfect cut was the process my knees were not too happy about. And it did take me more than a moment to figure out where and how I should lengthen the skirt hem. Thankfully, everything worked out.

I did stray from the recommended fabric suggestions listed on the pattern envelope (silk crepe, silk-like broadcloth, heavy georgette or matte jersey) and went with a 100% linen. It worked out just fine. In matter of fact, I'm over-the-moon thrilled with my new dress.  

How does this compare?

Lafayette 148 New York Solange Colour Block Linen dress  
CDN:  $755.54

My linen dress:  $65.38

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Much Ado About Shoes!

Good grief!  What century are we living in? Today in the news there is much ado about shoes at the Cannes Film festival.  It has been reported that women attendees were turned away if they weren't well high-heeled. 

Who was the dumb-dumb who was enforcing that 20th century rule?

First off, flat shoes are in fashion this year. And goodness gracious, would you believe there are "formal flats"--I kid you not!

Screen Daily reported that women wearing Rhinestone-encrusted
flats were deemed inappropriately dressed for the festival.  {Source}
How much formal do they want?

Now don't get me wrong, I do like love my heels.  My knees and my feet not so much but that is another story.  I like the freedom to chose what to put on my tender tootsies even more that a pair of heels.

These shoes would be perfect for the Vogue 9107 on the cutting table (if only my feet could stand it).

I'm not one for censorship, especially when it comes to dictating if a item of clothing is formal enough.  Especially when the said item (high heel shoes) are known to cause damage to ones feet. Okay, I do know that flats can also cause foot pain and damage. But really, tell the fashion police to back off.  

Maybe, I should reword that... Leave the fashion policing to the comedians not the security guards.

Now that I said my peace on the most ridiculous news story of the day, I should get back to sewing.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

In Sewing News Today...

I have been a busy gal but I can't say that there has been a lot of sewing. I wonder if it has anything to do with my lack of coffee consumption?  

It has been forty-seven days off coffee. It feels odd sewing without a coffee mug right beside me on the cutting table. I have to admit that I miss coffee the most when I'm hanging out in the sewing corner.

In other sewing news.... Have you seen She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada? I came across it this afternoon while browsing the shelfs at the bookstore. 

I love the clothes in the book but I didn't pick it up for the simple reason of the patterns are made for wee little things and I'm not that little.  

I did snap a picture of this, I so sew want to make this!  

I love this! How fun to wear with a skirt?

I'm certain that I have all the hardware to make this and I even have the jacket collar in mind. Stay tuned... 

I've been fabric shopping this weekend as well. A little bit for me and a whole lot for work. I scored some white fabric at Mitchell Fabric to make angel costumes for the Advent concert. I know, it is seven months off but we've been looking for some time for enough white fabric to make four costumes (twelve metres of fabric) without breaking the bank.  

For moi, I found some lovely yellow and indigo linens that I picked up with Vogue 9107 in mind. The fabric is pre-washed, pressed and laying on the cutting table.  

How about you, what's on your cutting table?  

Happy Sewing!  

Friday, 15 May 2015

Me-Made May: 2nd Week

Here's my week two me-made May recap:

Saturday, May 9th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Marcy Tilton dress Vogue  8975 worn with navy tights.  Shoes:  Birkenstocks.

Evening:  Nightshirt made a long time ago and worn with white cotton camisole.  I believe it was a Simplicity pattern.

Sunday, May 10th:  (2 me-made items)

Day and evening wear:  Nightshirt Simplicity ? and robe McCall's ?.

Monday, May 11th:  (3 me-made items)

Day wear:  Marcy Tilton skirt Vogue 9060, sweater McCall's 6844 worn with black light-weigh knit tee, Holt Renfrew and taupe panty-hose.  Shoes:  Yellow and beige wedged Mary-Janes.

Evening:  Flannel nightshirt, OOP McCall's .

Tuesday, May 12th:  (4 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black wool pants OOP Vogue 1312, black & white cotton Katherine Tilton top Butterick 5891, black knee high. Shoes: Yellow and beige wedged Mary-Janes.

Evening:  Flannel nightshirt, OOP McCall's and terry-cloth robe OOP McCall's.

Wednesday, May 13th:  (4 me-made items)
Day wear:  Knickers Butterick 6031, black and blue silk top McCall's 7093, grey and blue pinstriped wool and cashmere pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with navy windbreaker from  and black knee-highs.  Shoes:  Black and grey Mephisto all-rounders.

Evening:  Flannel pj's McCall's .

Thursday, May 14th: (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Green Rachel Comey skirt Vogue 1247, Lynn Mizono shirt Vogue 1274, worn with navy windbreaker and pantyhose.  Shoes:  Red Hunter rubber boots and yellow and beige wedge Mary Janes.

Evening: Eyelet knit dress McCall's 6747.  

Friday, May 15th:  (4 me-made items)
Day wear:  Taupe wool pants OOP Vogue 1325, Marcy Tilton top OOP Vogue 8709 worn with navy windbreaker and brown socks.  Shoes:  Franco Sarto leather ankle boots and Mephisto all-rounders.
Evening:  Black denim skirt Burda 7025 worn with green and black plaid shirt.  Eyelet knit dress McCall's 6747.  

Well, that is my me-made week #2.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Fabric Covered Snaps

I have a RTW jacket in my wardrobe that has fabric covered snaps. I love the look of these even though they are mostly unseen. If I do wear my jacket open, I think the look of fabric covered snaps is quite smart looking. I think these are worth the extra work.  

And they are easy to do! You'll need snaps, fabric scraps, wax, thread, and a needle. Cut the fabric into circles bigger than the snap you plan to use. It is recommended to make the size of your fabric circles double the diameter of your snap.  

I start with the side of the snap that has the piece sticking out. I fold my circle in half and with my small scissors I clip a small hole in the centre. Now, I'm ready to stitch along the inside edge of the circle with short basting stitches. The thread is knotted when I start but I do not finish with the same way.  

With the loose end of your thread, pull slightly to achieve a bowl shape.  

Drop your snap piece into the bowl shape and push the extending piece of the snap into the small hole. 

Now,  you can pull the thread further so that it bunches on the other side. 

To finish this off stitch from side-to-side so that the bunched fabric sits smoothly down. Repeat for the other side, omitting the centre clipping. I find that you can either just push the other snap end into the covered opening or stab it with one end of your little scissor.  

Happy Sewing!  

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Butterick 6056

Stash busing 2015:  Front Buttoned Snapped Top

Fabric:             2 metres of silk noir @ $22.37 ($9.90/metre @ 70% off + taxes)

Interfacing:    1 metre of fusible interfacing @ $4.57 ($4.00/metre + taxes)

Pattern:            Butterick 6056 @ $10.14 ($17.95 - 50% off + taxes)

Buttons:           four buttons snaps from my stash 67¢ ($1.19 - 50% off + taxes)

Sewn on:         Janome 4120 QDCI used the blind hem foot for the sleeve hem finish.  

Seam finish:    Serged on Janome MyLock 234D.  

Where to begin?

Let's start with the pattern, Butterick 6056 is a recent addition to my pattern stash. I picked it up in hope of copying a sweater that I have and wear quite often. I decided to muslin the pattern with a small piece of silk that has been sitting around in my stash for an awful long time.  

I'm thrilled with how it finally turned out but there were issues along the way.

First, I do like the trapeze style, not so much a fan of the super low neckline. The first thing I did was raise the neckline by four and a quarter inches. Yeah, 4 1/4" and that wasn't a typo. Then I lengthen the hemline on view C by two inches.

I cut a size medium but I think I could have easily gone with a size x-small with how wide it sits on the shoulders and across the back. The armhole seam drooped over my shoulder so I had to go back and take it in around the cap. I also took in the centre back another five-eighths of an inch. These changes helped with fixing the sad and droopy shoulders/armhole seams.

And then there were the sleeves. I shortened them significantly so that I would end up with a three-quarter length sleeve and left off the tabs. I will note that this pattern has very wide armholes. If you plan on making this as a sleeveless top or tunic be prepared to wear a t-shirt or camisole underneath.

After all the tweaking, I'm happy with how it has turned out. At this stage I'm trying to decide on buttons or snaps.

Since I decided to omit the topstitching and went with an invisible hem on the sleeves I thought that I would continue along that line and go with the fabric covered snaps. I covered the snaps using the same fabric as the top.

The fabric has been in my stash for quite some time--a long time. It has been pre-washed and waiting to be made into something for quite some time but whenever I decided on a project I would find that I was just short on the fabric. It is nice to finally stash-bust this bit of fabric.

How does it compare?

RTW Version:  Paper Lace Trapeze Top.  This RTW version only has a silk contrast with the fashion fabric listed as polyamide, viscose, elastane and polyester.

Retail priced at $450.00 / Sale price $315.00

My 100% Silk Version:  $37.75

Happy Sewing!

The Perfect White Shirt

Is there such a thing?  If I were to dream, the fabric would be white and made from natural fibres. It would have long sleeves, a menswear ...