Monday, 25 May 2015

Me-Made May: The Third Week

Saturday, May 16th:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black linen and rayon Lynn Mizono dress Vogue 1410 worn with Buffalo denim jean jacket.  Shoes:  Mephistos.  
Gym gear:  Grey knit exercise pants worn with long-sleeved navy sketcher tee-shirt and white socks.  Shoes:  Keen runners.   

Evening:  Fleece lined knit loungewear Simplicity 2289 worn with knit loungewear pants.   

Sunday, May 17th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Grey and blue pinstriped wool and cashmere pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with blue cashmere Lords & Taylor pull-over sweater and black socks.  Shoes:  Franco Sarto black leather ankle boots.  

Gym gear:  Green exercise shorts OOP McCall's 4212 worn with white Olsen tee-shirt and grey socks.  Shoes:  Keen runners.  
Evening:  Grey fleece lined knit loungewear Simplicity 2289 worn with knit loungewear pants and wool socks.

Monday, May 18th:  (1 me-made item)
Day and evening wear:  Blue and black plaid flannel dress (worn as pj's all day) McCall's 6600. I would like to note that it is a holiday here and we woke up to snow--it was a flannel pj wearing kind of day.

Tuesday, May 19th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black light-weight wool pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with black and white polka dot Liz Claiborne shirt, black knee-hi's, cream colour jacket Vogue 1263.  Shoes:  black dress shoes.

Gym gear:  Grey sweatpants, navy Skechers tee-shirt and grey sports socks.  Shoes:  Keen runners.
Evening:  Blue and black plaid flannel dress pajamas McCall's 6600.

Wednesday, May 20th:  (4 me-made items)
Day wear:  Marcy Tilton skirt Vogue 9060 worn with black tee-shirt from Holt Renfrew, cardigan sweater McCall's 6844 and beige spring coat OOP Burda 7304.  Shoes:  Clogs from Browns.

Evening:  Black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Thursday, May 21st:  (1 me-made item)
Day wear:  Black linen and rayon Lynn Mizono dress Vogue 1312 worn with Mac & Jac linen jacket.  Shoes:  tan wedged shoes.

Evening:  Knit pull-on pj bottoms and Sketcher tee-shirt.

Friday, May 22nd:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Navy Rachel Comey skirt Vogue 1247 worn with white shirt Burda 7136, navy Liz Claiborne cardigan and navy windbreaker.  Shoes:  Red sandals.

Gym gear:  Green shorts OOP McCall's 4212 worn with tee-shirt, white sports socks.  Shoes:  Keen runners.
Evening:  knit shirt and pants.

Saturday, May 23rd:  (1 me-made item)
Day wear:  Orange floral skirt New Look 6106 worn with yellow camisole and short sleeve knit cardigan from Mexx.  Shoes:  Mephistos.

Evening:  Knit pull-on pj bottoms with Sketcher tee-shirt.

Sunday, May 24th:  (3 me-made items)

Day wear:  Green cotton skirt Burda 6766 worn with ivory and pearl cardigan sweater. Shoes:  tan wedged style. Black and ivory knit Marcy Tilton skirt Vogue 9060 worn with black tee-shirt. Shoes: mephistos.

Evening:  Black and blue plaid flannel dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Well, that is what my me-made week looked like--a crazy mix of items just like our weather that started off with snow at the beginning of the week and ending with summer-like temperatures. I wonder what this week will bring.

Happy Sewing!

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