Saturday, 9 May 2015

Me-Made-May: The First Week

Have you joined in Me-made-May '15? Sometimes I think it is kind of silly of me to join since I typically I do wear my makes. But I find that it is an interesting look at what I might need to add to my wardrobe. Like this week, I felt that I could use some more flannel pjs when the temperatures went down to single digits and sometimes over the night dipping just below that minus mark. But I digress... 

This is what my first week looked like. I didn't have time to ask someone to snap pictures of me in the outfits so I used some of the project photos to give you an idea. I wore a total of 14 me-made items this week, some repeats that weren't counted in that number.  

Friday, May 1st: (4 me-made items)
Work outfit:  Taupe wool Anne Klein pants, OOP Vogue 1325.  Olive green cotton sateen Marcy Tilton shirt, OOP Vogue 8709. Shoes: green and brown Mephisto all-rounders.  
Evening:  Floral knit skirt, Vogue 9060, worn with cream coloured beaded cardigan sweater from Windsor and cream coloured lace scarf from Danier Leather. Shoes: black Mephistos.  
Flannel pj's, OOP McCall's 8525.

Saturday, May 2nd:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Animal print skirt, OOP McCall's 7870, worn with sleeveless black knit top from Holt Renfrew and cropped three-quarter length sleeve sweater from Jacob.  Shoes:  black Mephistos.
Evening:  Loungewear topSimplicity 2289, worn with knit lounge pants.  

Sunday, May 3rd:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Lynn Mizono dress, Vogue 1410, worn with denim jacket.  Shoes:  black Mephistos. 
Work-out gear:  Shorts, OOP McCall's 4312, worn with white cotton t-shirt from Olsen, black sports socks from Winners.  Shoes:  Keen runners.  
Evening:  Flannel pj's, McCall's 8525.  

Monday, May 4th:  (2 me-made items)
Work wear: Dress, Butterick 6169 worn with black slip from The Bay, black jacket from Alfani and pantyhose.  Shoes:  black leather flats and then when my feet started to hurt I changed into black Mephistos.
Evening:  Loungewear topSimplicity 2289, worn with knit lounge pants.  

Tuesday, May 5th:  (4 me-made items)
Day Wear:  Yellow and black polka-dot top, OOP Vogue 1306 worn with black cotton sateen Skirt, OOP McCall's 7870 and black panty-hose. Shoes: black leather flats.
Work-out gear:  Shorts, OOP McCall's 4312 worn with old Sketcher t-shirt from The Bay and grey sports socks from Winners. Shoes:  Keen runners.  
Evening:  Flannel pj's, OOP McCall's 8525.  

Wednesday, May 6th:  (3 me-made items)
Work wear:  Orange floral skirt, New Look 6106, worn with lace knit top, OOP Vogue 8534 and beige panty-hose.  Shoes:  Yellow and beige wedged Mary-janes, Softwares.
Evening wear:  Flannel pj's, OOP McCall's 8525.

Thursday, May 7th:  (1 me-made item)
Sick day:  Flannel pj's, OOP McCall's 8525.  

Friday, May 8th:  (2 me-made items)
Work wear: Pants, OOP Vogue 1312, Vest, Butterick and worn with yellow 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt from Windsor, and taupe coloured tights.  Also wore my down filled winter jacket, leather gloves and fleece lined knit hat during recess duty, seriously, it was that nippy out there.  Shoes:  beige leather sneakers from Josef Seibel.
Evening:  Knit front button top and knit pants from The Bay.  

Needs identified after this first week:
✄  work-out gear
✄  cardigan style jacket with pockets for work
✄  another pair of flannel pj's
✄  tops (preferably in solid colours)

Well that is my first week wrap-up, looks like I have some work ahead of me.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. I like the way you organized this. Have fun!


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