Monday, 11 May 2015

Fabric Covered Snaps

I have a RTW jacket in my wardrobe that has fabric covered snaps. I love the look of these even though they are mostly unseen. If I do wear my jacket open, I think the look of fabric covered snaps is quite smart looking. I think these are worth the extra work.  

And they are easy to do! You'll need snaps, fabric scraps, wax, thread, and a needle. Cut the fabric into circles bigger than the snap you plan to use. It is recommended to make the size of your fabric circles double the diameter of your snap.  

I start with the side of the snap that has the piece sticking out. I fold my circle in half and with my small scissors I clip a small hole in the centre. Now, I'm ready to stitch along the inside edge of the circle with short basting stitches. The thread is knotted when I start but I do not finish with the same way.  

With the loose end of your thread, pull slightly to achieve a bowl shape.  

Drop your snap piece into the bowl shape and push the extending piece of the snap into the small hole. 

Now,  you can pull the thread further so that it bunches on the other side. 

To finish this off stitch from side-to-side so that the bunched fabric sits smoothly down. Repeat for the other side, omitting the centre clipping. I find that you can either just push the other snap end into the covered opening or stab it with one end of your little scissor.  

Happy Sewing!  

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