Sunday, 9 August 2020

Back to School Face Masks

These polka-dot cotton face masks are to be gifted as part of require back-to-school gear. Not much to say except, of course, I revisisted the Dhurata Davies face mask pattern. This pattern has become my go-to pattern for sewing face masks. It's a bit more effort than the Craft Passion face mask but the fit makes it worth the extra effort.  

The outer fabric is a quilting 100% cotton recently picked up for this project.  Two masks are lined with white 100% cotton pique fabric left over from this project. The third mask is lined with 100% cotton fabric, left over from this project. All fabrics were previously pre-treated.  

The Stats

Fabric:  0.40 metres (for 3 face masks)

Elastic:  0.7 metres

Pattern:  Free Dhurata Davies 

Additional Tools and Supplies:  Cutting table, scissors, pins, tailor's chalk, measuring gauge, iron, ironing board, sewing machine, serger and tea.  

Stay Safe, Be Kind and Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

In Sewing News Today...

I think I'm hooked.  

There's currently 2.1 metres of denim being laundered in preparation for another pair of jeans.  

The turnover on a project from toile to willing to cut into a precious fabric has never been this quick.  

Who knew that making jeans would be what kick-started my sewing mojo?  

I haven't been able to stop wearing the white jeans since I made them.  

They're that comfortable.  

And I can't wait to get started on the next pair.  

I heard that you should pre-wash denim three times before cutting it to make sure there no more risk of shrinkage.  

That's what I'm doing.  

In the meantime, there is more mask making projects in the works.  

Ontario was the first province in Canada to mandate mandatory face masks for grades 4 to 12 students returning to classes next month.  

Alberta announced the same measures yesterday.  

Fingers are crossed that Manitoba will follow with this measure.  

I don't like risks when it comes to denim and viruses.  

Better safe than sorry.  

I'm sewing masks for my friend's daughter.  

They're lucky enough to live in one of the provinces that have a mandatory face mask policy at schools.  

Her favourite colour is purple.  

There is not a lot of purple cotton or linen fabric in my stash.  

I found this polka dot white and purple fabric at Fabricland.  

I feel safer shopping there. 

They make the customers wear face masks from the start of re-opening.  

That in itself deserves my business.  

Everyone in line to get their fabric selections cut were purchasing fabric for facemasks.  

Every. Single. Person. 

Several of them were sewing masks that they sell on Etsy.  

Many were waiting for the bolts of NHL hockey print fabrics to be passed along.  

Funny, no one else seemed interested in the purple fabric.   

This is perfect.  

Because I might have to go back to get more.  

That's all in sewing news today.

Stay Safe, Be Kind and Happy Sewing!

Sunday, 2 August 2020

White Jeans: Butterick 5682

Sewing a pair of boot leg jeans has been on my sewing wish list for a long time. These are a wearable toile.  

It all started with Butterick 5682. It's a pattern that has been in my stash for about as long as I've been thinking about sewing my own jeans. 

I picked up this pattern because its description states that it sits at the waist and I really didn't want to have a pair of low-rise jeans. It's not a good look on me. During the sewing process, I feared that these may also be ones that sit a bit lower than the waistline. 

It didn't help when I was confused with this note found on the waistband. They do indeed sit at the waist, much to my relief. I'm not so sure about the fly front though. It calls for you to cut a seven inch zipper, I think the next pair I'm going to adjust the fly and fly facing pieces to modify this part. And perhaps adjust the crotch depth.   

Next pattern fix, I will be adjusting the size and shape of those front pockets. The front pockets are more decorative than functionable. I need functionable pockets. And since I do have a tummy issue, I would even consider extending the width of the pockets all the way to the fly facing pieces as I have seen in RTW jeans.  

And the length, I didn't quite get it right when I shortened the pattern piece. I missed the mark. It's just a little bit short, actually they're perfect unhemmed. To finish the hem I used seam binding. I'll correct the length on the next pair.  

Since this is a toile, I didn't complete all the top-stitching in the crotch seam. 

The pattern is worth a re-visit and there is some dark denim that I'm willing to cut into for the next pair.  

The fabric used for these white jeans is a 100% cotton soft denim that I found many moons ago at Northwest / Marshall Fabrics. It's the same fabric that I used for the first batch of face masks so I actually have a matching face mask to wear with these. The fabric was pre-treated with a tumble in the washing machine and dryer before hitting the ironing board for a good pressing.  

Project Details

Seams:  2.6 stitch length and 5/8" seam allowances, 2.8 stitch length for top-stitching.  

Seam finish:  Serged

Tips:  Double check the pant leg length with a pair of trousers or jeans that you already like and wear. (This is a reminder for myself).  

Fabric:  2.10 metres

Interfacing:  1.2 metres fusible

Closures:  7" zipper and metal hook.  

PatternButterick 5682

Additional Tools and Supplies:  Cutting table, pins, pin cushions, tailor's chalk, measuring tape, scissors, measuring gauge, thread clippers, tweezers, hand sewing needle, bandage, sewing machine, clear presser foot, zipper foot, serger, threads including jean thread for top-stitching, and tailor's wax, 

Stay Safe, Be Kind and Happy Sewing!

Friday, 31 July 2020

July in Review...

Creativity took a vacation this month.  

I started the month nursing a sore back after altering a costume cape pattern on the floor. I forgot that I'm too old for working bent over on the floor. Once the costume cape toile was complete and out of my hands until a fabric decision and purchase is made, I really didn't want to do anymore sewing. The two projects that I actually did manage to finish this month were two acts of slow sewing. Believe it or not, I had more interest in mending. Strange times. Odd and also a fine month, with my free time filled with tending to garden plants and reading.  

The following items were cleared from the stash:    
  • 6 metres of fabric
  • 1.2 metres of interfacing
  • 1 previously used pattern
  • 1 new pattern
  • 9 buttons
  • 1 label
Stay Safe, Be Kind and Happy Sewing!  

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

In Sewing News Today...

Vogue patterns released their Fall 2020 line today.  
The moto jacket style is still present which is a good thing because I have yet to sew that SBCC moto peplum style jacket pattern. Otherwise, I might be tempted to pick this Vogue version, Vogue 1714.  

 I don't know if I'm more smitten over the orange colour choice for this bias cut top, Vogue 1727 or that it's loose fitting. It's perfect for hiding those pandemic pounds that have creeped on these past few months. And it might look good pair up with Vogue 1729.  
A fitted pair of pants with some interesting leg detailing. If only I were slimmer and had the height to pull these on.  

And how can we not mention Vogue 1719?  I'm not sure if it's a nod to the nineteen seventies or a nod protective pandemic fashion.  

And this, Vogue 1715, the perfect outfit for ummm, social distancing?  

Lots of pants and comfortable basics found in this release as well. It was a fun look at the new pattern release but it looks like I'll continue to sew through my stash when my sewing mojo returns. How about you, any patterns that caught your eye?   

Stay Safe, Be Kind and Happy Sewing!

Friday, 24 July 2020

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend: Butterick 6324

The diamond pin-tucking (yes, those kind of diamonds) on this fabric is one of my favourite details on this shirt. I purchased this 100% cotton fabric already pin-tucked many, many moons ago from Mitchell Fabrics. 

The pattern, Butterick 6324 (circa 2016), was found in a sales bin. Otherwise, I don't think I would have picked up this pattern for a simple top. I would have quite simply overlooked this one.  It's a lovely pattern and I'm quite happy that I gave this one a try.  

I really like the fact that there are no darts to interfere with the pin-tucking and the front fly feature gives it a nice clean finish. I switched the sleeve pattern for my favourite sleeve, cuff and placket combination from Vogue 1503.  

Project Details

Seams:  2.8 stitch length, 5/8" seam allowance.  

Seam Finish:  Serged

Tips:  Don't be scared off by this pattern based on Pattern Reviews that mention challenges with the front band.  I didn't find the instructions for this part of the pattern to be challenging at all, perhaps it was a revised printing?  

Fabric:  3 metres (narrow width)

Interfacing:  0.80 metres fusible

Label:  1 "Me Made" label by Kylie and the Machine

Buttons:  9 - 1/2" buttons 

Pattern:  Butterick 6324 and Vogue 1503

Additional Tools & Supplies:  Cutting table, scissors, pins, pin cushions, tailor's chalk, hand sewing machine needle, threads, sewing machine, walking foot, buttonhole foot, serger, screwdriver, tweezers, buttonhole cutter, cutting board, tailor's wax, thread clippers, clapper iron, ironing board, seam ripper, and a few breaks.  

Stay Safe, Be Kind and Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

In Sewing News Today (Mending Edition)...

One of the out-comes from the pandemic has been an increased desire to take care of the clothes that I have and a diminished resistance to mending. 

I made this skirt, vintage McCall's 7870, back in 2014. It wasn't worn last year because it was buried in the mending pile. The stress on the top of the double kick pleat caused the fabric to tear. All it needed was a piece of suede, basting tape and a few minutes at the sewing machine. Which begs the question, what took so long to fix it?  

Another consequence of the pandemic has been the pounds that I managed to put on without noticing until the stress on the bottom of the zipper was too much to take. A small section of stitching fixed that in no time. It might take more effort to fix the weight gain issue to prevent further seam breakage. I might have to put aside this skirt until then.  

The armscye of this sweater needed some attention to close gaps along the seam line. It's a ready-to-wear (RTW) decades old cotton sweater. I'm coming to the realization that I might have to try and recreate it one day soon.  

A little hand-stitching for this shirt to close the openings that have recently appeared along the neck band. I know it would last longer if I just top-stitch it close, but I do like the clean look of a hand-stitched neckband.  

Stay Safe, Be Kind and Happy Mending!  

Back to School Face Masks

These polka-dot cotton face masks are to be gifted as part of require back-to-school gear. Not much to say except, of course, I revisisted t...