Sunday, 31 May 2015

Me-made May: The Final Week

Monday, May 25th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Yellow and indigo linen dress Vogue 9107 worn with taupe coloured slip and creamed coloured sweater (it's freezing at work with the air-conditioning and hot outside with +28º C).  Shoes:  bone coloured shoes.

Gym wear:  (Worked out at home) Marcy Tilton dress Vogue 8975 worn as a tunic worn with knee length leggings.  Shoes:  Keen runners.
Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Tuesday, May 26th:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black cotton sateen double-kick pleated skirt OOP Mccall's 7870 worn with a Cynthia Rowley blue cotton short sleeve tee-shirt.  Shoes:  Black Ralph Lauren wedged shoe until they started to make blisters at the heels and my tender tootsies couldn't take it anymore.  Burgundy Mephistos.

Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Wednesday, May 27th:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black linen and rayon Lynn Mizono dress Vogue 1312 worn with Mac and Jac Jacket.  Shoes:  Black Ralph Lauren wedge shoes (with bandages).

Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Thursday, May 28th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Taupe coloured wool pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with yellow three-quarter length sleeve Olsen tee-shirt, kAtheRine Tilton silk vest Butterick 6064, and taupe coloured cotton socks.  Shoes:  leather lace-up shoes.

Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Friday, May 29th:  (2 me-made items)
Day wear:  Blue Marcy Tilton skirt Vogue 9060 worn with black Holt Renfrew tee-shirt, black pin-tucked jacket, coffee-coloured tights and navy windbreaker.  Shoes:  black ankle boots.

Evening:  Flannel black and blue plaid dress pj's McCall's 6600.

Saturday, May 30th:  (3 me-made items)
Day wear:  Wool pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with blue sweater and grey down-filled jacket (yes, it was that cold this morning) and later in the afternoon changed jacket to a black Donna Karan cotton jacket.  I also changed into RTW jeans when doing yard work.  Shoes:  Black ankle boots and navy rubber boots.   

Evening:  Red Rachel Comey skirt Vogue 1247 worn with pink floral Liberty Art print shirt. Flannel pj's OOP McCall's 8525.  

Sunday, May 31st:  (4 me-made items)
Day wear:  Black wool pants OOP Vogue 1325 worn with peplum top OOP Vogue 8936, grey socks and cream coloured sweater.  Shoes:  tan coloured wedged shoes.    

Gym wear:  Green shorts OOP McCall's 4312 worn with navy Sketcher tee-shirt and black sports socks.  Shoes: Keen runners.  
Evening:  Flannel pj's OOP McCall's 8525.  

And that marks the end of another Me-Made May.  Let's see, I could use some more tee-shirts that don't cling to my mid-section, work-out gear and pj's.  

Happy Sewing!  

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