Sunday, 24 May 2015

Colour-Block Linen Dress

Stash-busting 2015:  Vogue 9107

Fabric:    2.8 metres of 100% linen $53.63 ($16.95/metre + taxes)

Zipper:    55 cm invisible zipper $4.41 ($3.90 + taxes)

Pattern:   Vogue 9107 $7.34 ($5.99 on sale + exchange rate + taxes + shipping)

This pattern and fabric have not been in my stash for very long. The pattern I picked up during last month's online sale (finally arrived a week and a half ago) and the fabric I couldn't resist when I recently stumbled across this over at Mitchell Fabrics. These are the quickest stash-busted items my sewing table has seen.   

I was concerned with the shape and fit of the armhole and shoulder after reading a couple of reviews over on Pattern Review. And especially after the disappointing armhole and shoulder episode I have with the last pattern I sewed. Are dropped armholes and big shoulders a thing this season? If they are, I missed that memo! But there was no need to worry, I didn't find any fitting issues to complain about mainly because I put sleeves on my version.  If I were to make another sleeveless version I would just tweak the shape of the lower front armhole opening just a smidge.

The sleeve is perfectly drafted. My goodness, I love how easy it was to fit these sleeves. It is a two piece sleeve pattern that has a underarm seam and another seam extending from the shoulder seam. The fit is perfect. The only change that I made to the sleeve was to change it from a long to a three-quarter length sleeve.

I would highly recommend this pattern in a heart beat. I love it! It has a fitted bodice and diagonal seaming which I am quite smitten over. The only change that I made to the pattern was to lengthen the hem an inch and a half and cut the sleeves as three-quarter length sleeves.

I will mention that the pattern pieces for the lower portion of this dress are huge! It is the only part of the pattern that I did not enjoy.

Working on the floor in order not to let the single layer of fabric hang and risk a less than perfect cut was the process my knees were not too happy about. And it did take me more than a moment to figure out where and how I should lengthen the skirt hem. Thankfully, everything worked out.

I did stray from the recommended fabric suggestions listed on the pattern envelope (silk crepe, silk-like broadcloth, heavy georgette or matte jersey) and went with a 100% linen. It worked out just fine. In matter of fact, I'm over-the-moon thrilled with my new dress.  

How does this compare?

Lafayette 148 New York Solange Colour Block Linen dress  
CDN:  $755.54

My linen dress:  $65.38

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  1. Just beautiful!! You did a wonderful job, and I would much rather your price than the Lafayette version.

    God bless.


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