Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Much Ado About Shoes!

Good grief!  What century are we living in? Today in the news there is much ado about shoes at the Cannes Film festival.  It has been reported that women attendees were turned away if they weren't well high-heeled. 

Who was the dumb-dumb who was enforcing that 20th century rule?

First off, flat shoes are in fashion this year. And goodness gracious, would you believe there are "formal flats"--I kid you not!

Screen Daily reported that women wearing Rhinestone-encrusted
flats were deemed inappropriately dressed for the festival.  {Source}
How much formal do they want?

Now don't get me wrong, I do like love my heels.  My knees and my feet not so much but that is another story.  I like the freedom to chose what to put on my tender tootsies even more that a pair of heels.

These shoes would be perfect for the Vogue 9107 on the cutting table (if only my feet could stand it).

I'm not one for censorship, especially when it comes to dictating if a item of clothing is formal enough.  Especially when the said item (high heel shoes) are known to cause damage to ones feet. Okay, I do know that flats can also cause foot pain and damage. But really, tell the fashion police to back off.  

Maybe, I should reword that... Leave the fashion policing to the comedians not the security guards.

Now that I said my peace on the most ridiculous news story of the day, I should get back to sewing.

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  1. Those flats are just lovely. I can no longer wear heels, but can manage wedges once in awhile.

    God bless.


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