Sunday, 28 August 2011

In sewing news today...

I guess this falls under In sewing news yesterday but who's counting?


Yesterday, while watching CityLine's Fashion Friday episode I was thrilled to hear that green is suppose to be the new it colour for fall. I didn't believe it when I heard it, well because CityLine Fashion Friday episodes are one big commercial for the mall / store / label of the week.

According to green is spotlighted as one of Autumn/Winter 2011 colour trends. Who knew? Well, besides the stylist on the telly yesterday.

Now why would I be writing about this as news? Well, I guess it really isn't news if you're someone in the loop. As for me, it is just a coincidence that there are green projects cut and ready to sew in my sewing drawer. Luv it when that happens.

Not sewing... just cutting and planning... 

I'm in the mist of cutting out a few more sewing projects since my summer lay-off is coming to an end. I'm adding a dress and jacket for Mama R that I blogged about here.

The Vintage Vogue coat, Vogue 1083, muslin is finally being cut.

A cotton sateen stretch (in forest green!) is cut to make another version of Vogue 8709. Just luck that I picked out the colour. The first version I blogged about here. I'm going to stick to Version B, I like the cuffs, but I think I might change up the collar somewhat.

A couple of weeks ago (?) I made a black skirt using my fav skirt pattern Vintage Vogue 2885. It is in the donate pile right now. I sewed a lap zipper on the skirt side but it pinches, so I going back to the drawing board.

I decided to try out a different 1940s skirt pattern, Simplicity 4044.

It is similar to the Vogue pattern in many ways. They are both A-lined skirts with a side zipper.  They differ in that the front waist feature curves until the sharp corners in the Vogue pattern and there is no kick pleat in the back.

I really like the look of the pants also. I'm going to cut them out in muslin and give it a try. It has been years since I made a pair of pants. First, I will have to trace out the pattern.  

If they turn out I have a deep brown suiting fabric in mind for the project.

Finally, the new Fall Vogue patterns made it in the Fabricland pattern drawers! I've been waiting to get my hands on this pattern, Vogue 1263, since I first saw it in the Vogue magazine preview email. It has been torture waiting.

Vogue just had a website sale where I could have picked it up for a fraction of what I paid, but I just couldn't wait for it to come in the mail. It would have been about 3-4 weeks for sure. And I already had the fabric picked out waiting for the pattern to cross the border.

I did notice that the fabric amount stated on the envelope didn't quite match with the pattern pieces. Luckily, I had purchased a little more fabric than the envelope asked for and everything worked out. It is all cut and ready to go.  

That's all in sewing news today (and yesterday)... happy sewing!

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