Sunday, 14 August 2011

Invisible zipper... where are you?

I jest, my invisible zipper is right here. And it will be going on the dress front section of Vogue 7794.

I've had this pattern in my stash for years, un-used, despite wanting to make it.

My fear of the invisible zipper in the front of the dress held me back.

No more, it is cut and I've started sewing it and there is no turning back. What's that saying about doing something you fear every day?

Too many failed invisible zipper attempts in my past and hopefully where they will stay.

I even went out and purchase the latest issue of Threads.

Threads' August/September 2011 issue has a wonderful article and tutorial on applying invisible zippers and  how to achieve a bulk-free finish when applying lining and facing around the zipper.

Norma Bucko's article, Sew Invisible Zippers like a Pro, was bang on when she guides readers to "[u]se the invisible zipper foot made specifically for your sewing machine.  This foot is generally available through your local dealer.  Avoid using generic plastic invisible zipper feet, as they are not stable enough to produce good results" (41).

Could this explain my epic fail at invisible zipper application?

The plastic invisible zipper foot on the left is the one that has produced the less than desirable results in the past. I'm trading it up for the new shiny invisible presser foot for my Janome that I picked up earlier in the week.

The new invisible zipper foot has two groves for the zipper coils to glide though depending if the needle is on the left or right side of the coils.

And it worked like a charm!

Best twelve dollar investment I've ever made.

Norma Bucko's article has instructions for inserting an invisible zipper using a standard zipper foot if a fancy-dancy invisible zipper foot is unavailable.

My excitement built when the first side of the invisible zipper was closed and secured.

There was some happy dancing going on. But not for long because there is another side to sew.

But first I have to match the seam lines at the waistline seam.

A wee bit of basting to see if it matches up and I'm ready to go.
And it worked!

I would like to thank Norma Bucko for the article and Quilt as Desired for my brand spanking new invisible zipper foot! I couldn't have done it without you.  

Now, if you don't mind to excuse me for a while, I feel more happy dance moves coming on.


  1. I have got a Janome machine and use their foot like the one that you have just purchased and I think that it works really well. You have done a perfect job with yours!

  2. Thanks Eugenia, I was over the moon that it worked out and having the foot meant for the machine made it so much easier.


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