Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Our favourite version

This has to be my favourite version of the dress from the Vogue 7836 pattern and I've made a few over the summer.

I think with all the practice that I've had sewing with this pattern, I was able to cut down my speed since the first version I've made.  

Although, I do love the print and the soft velvet-like texture of the fabric I have to say it was the most challenging fabric that I worked with this summer.

The other versions were made using cotton, cotton stretch, or cotton sateen fabrics. This version was a medium weight polyester and the wrong side of the fabric had a bit of slipperiness to it.

It also was a challenge to iron. I found at the polyester setting the temperature was not hot enough to do a good job on the bias tape.

I set the iron at the wool setting to make it work. That had me scared that it might be too hot and damage the fabric, but thankfully it worked out fine.  

Once I had the bias tape pressed, it was easy to attach to the neckline and to hand stitch in place.

The slipperiness of the wrong side of the fabric also made it a challenge sewing the invisible zipper. I'm sure more practice is needed in that department. It just didn't turn out as well as it did on the dresses made out of the cotton fabric.

Oh and the darts, sewing those darts with this fabric was more challenging than usual.    

 So here is Mama R posing in her new dress. Check her out rockin' those socks!

 And the back view

 No she's not posing for the camera. That's her hurry up and take the picture pose.

And this is her you're not finished yet pose.

I think that she is quite happy with the dress because I never get her to pose this long to get this many photos. Or maybe it's that she's watching the television playing in the other corner of the room to notice that I've taken this many photos?

So how did the photo session end?

Yup, this is fabric for one more dress request. It's a good thing I have two more weeks before my summer lay-off is over.

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  1. She looks great, the dress is lovely. This would be great with a very colorful long necklace or scarf. Nice job, the shoulders especially make a flattering fit.


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