Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A huge thank you to...

I would like to say a huge thank you to Eugenia for this fabulous post.


You see this is the first time I have sewn an invisible zipper that turned out this nice! Even since buying the proper invisible zipper foot for my Janome machine and reading the article in the September issue of Threads.

What made the difference you ask.  Well, a little stitch called a lockstitch. Thank you Eugenia for explaining what that is. Who knew my machine had one? Obviously, not me.

It is one of the two buttons under the word "AUTO" and it is the button on the left. And just like Eugenia said it stitches a couple of stitches in place. And it worked like a charm when applying the invisible zipper.

One day I really should sit down and read my owner's manual. But with so much sewing to do and fabulous sewing blogs to read, who has the time?

Mama R wearing one of her Vogue dresses
The dress that I'm working on and hosts this beautiful invisible zipper (thanks again Eugenia) is another dress for Mama R. Another version of the tweaked Vogue 7836 pattern.

I just have to press and hem. And then it is on to the jacket, Style 2593, in matching fabric. I can't wait to see how the jacket turns out. It's on the sewing table to tackle tomorrow.

Mama R says the dress is the last one that she'll ask me to sew. Do you believe her? Either do I.

Besides, I hope it is not the last one. It has been fun sewing something that she likes and she actually wears.

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  1. Hi Graca - I am so glad that my post has proved useful for you - and that Mama R is going to get another fabulous dress from you. Your zipper looks perfect! Sewing machines these days do so many different things and have so many knobs it is very easy to forget everything your machine can do. In fact I'm going to take another look at the manual for mine just to remind myself of all the wonderful features it has!


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