Thursday, 18 August 2011

Black clothes don't photograph well...

Black clothes don't photograph well but it doesn't stop me from adding them to my wardrobe.

I bet you can't even tell that the completed garments are the backdrop for the patterns. I told you they don't photograph well.

I used my favourite skirt pattern, Vogue 2885, to make another one in black.

It is the pattern for a slightly flared skirt with a back pleat that I just can't get enough of, this is version number four.

And the second black item is a knit top using Vogue 8737. Absolutely luv this pattern.

It has an off-centered shoulder seam and waist gathering.

Can you believe there are only two pattern pieces to this top?

The front and back are cut from the same pattern piece. The second pattern piece is the facing for the neckline.

An extremely easy top to whip up in an hour, seriously.

I like the way it fits and it feels very comfortable making it a pattern that I would highly recommend.


  1. I really like that blouse pattern! And it's an added bonus that there are only two pieces! YAY!

  2. I never noticed the pattern for that top - it's lovely - and very chic in black!


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