Wednesday, 17 August 2011

New Haircut

So this is what I looked like this morning. Another year older.

Actually that is me with hat head, thank goodness for hat head. I have a thick head of hair that has a mind of its own, otherwise known as a natural wave. It drives me crazy in the summer humidity!

What's that? I swear, I didn't have crow's feet yesterday. It just creeps up on ya!  

Anyway, off to run some errands, have lunch, pick up Mama R and us two gals went off to get our hair cut.

And a lot of hair was cut even before Mama R made it to the chair.

I think besides the hair I also lost about a pound while at the salon. I guess it was all that hair weighing me down.

My hairdresser was shocked that I didn't want a colour. She kept on brushing the dark hair over to cover the gray. And I kept moving it to reveal the gray.

Maybe because it is something new that appeals to me, but I like it.

This is me with my new pixie haircut.

And this is Mama R with her new do. She looks so cute, doesn't she?

Mama R is feeling fine so we're off to The Forks Historical Site have a ice cream and do some people watching.

No one dresses up in this town, so when we had our fill of spandex wearing cyclists ... Seriously, where is the creativity in that?

... We were off to the antique market in The Johnson Terminal to drool over the vintage clothing, hats and shoes.

And we had a few giggles of the artifacts that are considered antiques that happen to look exactly like things at home.

It was a perfect afternoon hanging out with Mama R. Now to top off the perfect day with a glass of port and check out what else the new issue of Threads has in store.


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