Monday, 22 August 2011

In sewing news today...

Lost my sewing focus this morning... 

Today is a tough day to focus on sewing despite the every growing pile of projects to tackle.

My morning was spent in shock watching the morning news coverage.  Today started as a sad day for Canadians as we lost a passionate champion for our country.

The Honourable Jack Layton passed away this morning. As the official leader of the opposition he captured the imagination of Canadians.

The Honourable Layton recently stepped down as the party's leader to fight his latest battle with cancer. He promised to fight this battle and return to the House of Commons. And by the national shock expressed today at the announcement of his passing, many of us believed and hoped that he would return.

Along with many Canadians, I admired his passion for political discourse and respect for other's views.

During his battle with cancer, his passion for Canada and Canadians never faded. It is evident in the love letter he left for Canadians. I'll warn you that you may tear up if you want to read it here, but I thought I would share his parting words at the end of his letter.

"... love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful, and optimistic. And we'll change the world." 

The Honourable Layton, always the optimist. Your optimism in the world will be missed. Rest in peace.  

New dress for Mama R... 

Mama R has one more dress request. Does it ever end? Just kidding Mom.

I forgot to take a photo of the fabric before I cut it but here's a photo of the scraps. I think the paisley print is just lovely. And I love the deep wine and green colours, perfect for a fall/winter dress, no?

The fabric is cut using the tweaked Vogue 7836 pattern that I blogged about here.

Mama R just asks that it has three quarter length sleeves for this latest version.

I think this will jump the queue and become my next project (as soon as I get my focus back) and before I start on the muslin for the winter coat.

Yup, the Winter Coat...

I think I'm feeling ready to tackle the winter coat, Vintage Vogue 1083 shortly.

This weekend the mornings have started to cool off just to remind us that autumn is about to make an appearance shortly. It has warmed up again, +33 this afternoon (that's Winnipeg for you), but just the kick in the pants that I needed to get me going on this project.

I stopped by Fabricland this afternoon to pick up some Horsehair interfacing, more tailor's chalk, and large snaps that I want to use instead of a button.

I'm not ready to cut the fabric just yet, muslin first. Besides, I need to pre-treat the fabric and interfacing while I work on the muslin.

And I will need to practice my tailor tack technique. I think it was in the seventies when I last transfered pattern markings with tailor tacks. I think I just dated myself.

On that note, that's all in sewing news today.

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