Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Too tired to sew

I never thought it would happen, but I'm just too tired to sew.

It has been about two weeks since I had the opportunity to sit down and enjoy some relaxing sewing time. And I've been itching to get back at it for days, and now that I finally have a free evening, I'm too tired to sew.

I got as far as dragging out the sewing machines and setting them up on the fold away table. Yup, no fancy sewing room here.

I even picked out a project from the many sitting in my sewing drawers. The Marcy Tilton jacket, Vogue 8709.

If it sounds familiar, there is a reason for it. I did make one already and blogged about it here, here, and here.

And then the signs of energy drain started to appear.

I chose a project based on the thread colour found on my sewing machines because I was feeling too tired to change the thread on my serger. That was the first sign that my energy level was not up to par.

And then it was all about transferring markings onto the fabric. The constant yawning slowed down the process.

I think the sleepless night I had last night is catching up with me. And if I try to fight the tiredness any further I'm sure a sewing error is waiting to jump out at me.  So no sewing tonight.

I'm off to recharge my battery and hopefully, fingers crossed, catch some zzz's and a good night's sleep. And hopefully, maybe after work tomorrow, I'll have the energy I need to focus on this project.

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  1. When I'm feeling sluggish (or not feeling like doing a specific step of my sewing project), I'll often put on a movie (or a season of Project Runway), make a cuppa tea, and try to do one thing on my sewing project. Often that motivates me to keep going, but when it doesn't, it means I get a nice relaxing cuppa tea and a good movie out of the deal. :)

    Hope you're feeling up to sewing again soon. That looks like a really nice jacket!


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