Monday, 5 September 2011

Happy Labour Day!

Happy Labour Day! I know in many parts of the world it is not Labour Day, but here in North America it is today. Happy Labor Day to my American friends.

I'm celebrating Labour Day with a few happy dancing moves as I prepare for the end of my summer layoff! It has been a very long summer, I'm happy to see it come to an end and get back to work tomorrow morning.

Ten week lay-offs are tough both economically and emotionally, it is extremely nice to see it come to an end even if it is to a part-time job. Hopefully, additional employment will be around the corner soon.

I will admit that I will also miss the time the lay-off provided to devote to resume writing, quality time with the folks, blogging, and sewing. Oh, I'm going to miss the sewing time.

Anyway, Happy Labour / Labor Day to everyone celebrating today. I thought I would leave you to continue celebrating with a song.

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