Monday, 19 September 2011

Putting down that seam ripper!

The last time I had a block of sewing time I spent it creating a make-work project that involved my seam ripper. 

I'm happy to report that the make-work project has been completed and I'm able to continue work on the Marcy Tilton jacket.  Yippee! 

My most recent sewing mistake occurred when making the opening for the cuff on the sleeve. After stay-stitching and cutting the opening I should have opened the newly cut edge and spread it across the bias cut placket. Silly me.   

It is all under control and I was able to sew the sleeve placket the way it should have been sewn in the first place.

I'm now able to hand-stitch the placket in place before moving on to the sleeve pleats and cuffs.  

That will have to wait until tomorrow, if I'm lucky to score some quality sewing time after my work day, fingers crossed. It would be nice to have the jacket done by the end of the week.  


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