Sunday, 4 September 2011

I swear!

I swear, I only went to the fabric store to pick up bias tape to finish off the hem on the Style jacket.

Mama R asked if I would finish it without the lining. Even though the seam edges have been finished with an overlock stitch I still want to use bias tape.

It is almost finished, and I promise, pictures will follow in an upcoming post. I'm thrilled beyond believe at how well it has turned out. I don't know how this pattern managed to sit untouched for so long. But I digress...

Anyway, I only went into the store to get bias tape but there was a sale. I had to go and check out, besides Mama R was with me and she was already walking in that direction.

There was a whole new selection of fabric added to the bargain section, plaids, suiting, cottons, knits.  

Mama R quickly found a navy satin crepe in the bargain section.

"It's lovely," I said not fond of navy blue but knowing that she likes the colour for herself.

Mama R's navy satin crepe

"What are you thinking about?" I ask referring to the fabric.

"Another dress?" Mama R looks up for approval, "I can put it away until you have more time. I know you're busy with so much to do."

That there folks is what you call a sprinkling of Portuguese guilt.

"Mom, I have lots of time," I said.

"And maybe another jacket?" she asks.

I look at her with a little bit of shock. You see I had to talk her into the Style pattern jacket.

"Like the one you're making now?" she adds.

How can I say no? The jacket from the Style pattern is coming together perfectly.

"Yeah, of course," I said as I pulled the bolt out of the shelf and continuing looking.      

There was so much to look at and while my eyes were scanning the upper shelf what did I see?

A sign. No not that kind of a sign. A sign that read "$1.00 off Bargain fabrics". I couldn't believe my eyes and prompted asked a nearby salesclerk.

"Yes", she reassured me, "as long as you have a membership card."

"Sure do!" I thought to myself.  "Mom, this is $2.00 a metre" referring to the bolt of fabric that she picked.

"What!" she asked with a bit of excitement in her voice.

"All the fabric here is another dollar off. Look," I gesture towards the sign.

"Maybe we can take the rest?" admiring the bolt of fabric again. How much do you think is in here?"

100% Cotton 
100% Cotton

We continue searching, imagining new projects that seem more plausible than a few moments before. How often do you find fabric at $2.00/metre?

I thought the cotton butterfly print would be cute as Colette Pattern's Sencha.
100% Cotton Sateen Stretch

And the yellow and blue floral print would make a cute summer dress, for next summer of course.

The cotton sateen stretch wasn't in the bargain section that had another dollar knocked off. It was marked down at 70% off working out to be $4.20/metre. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it, maybe a dress or slacks.  

You just never know what you're going to find when you head out for a two dollar package of bias tape.


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