Monday, 26 September 2011

Vogue 8709: Version #2

The Marcy Tilton jacket, Vogue 8709, is coming along nicely. I actually can't wait to wear it. Do you like my stitching? It is the finish for one of the sections of the collar. I thought it was lovely until... 

I noticed that I folded the hem to the right side of the fabric. Oops! I'm going to blame this one on the cold. But who am I kidding? I was just looking for some quality seam ripping time, it's been awhile.

Well, it is almost done! I am just figuring out where to place the buttons and then off to make the buttonholes. It will have to wait for a bit as I head upstairs to prepare dinner. I thought I would leave you with some pictures.

I do love the design for the collar found in this pattern. I chose version B. I finished all the collar edges with a narrow hem instead of cutting one of the pieces on the selvage (as recommended on the pattern piece) or using bias tape like I did on the first jacket. I love the mixture of gathers, pleats and the layers in the collar.

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  1. I'm really liking the collar on this jacket. Can't wait to see it all finished!


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