Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bill Cunningham New York!

Have you seen Bill Cunningham New York? It is a documentary film released earlier this spring. I saw it this weekend and quite enjoyed it.

Bill Cunningham is an eighty-two year old cycling fashion photographer with The New York Times.

He would be best described as a cultural anthropologist documenting street fashion in New York City. A fascinating documentary capturing passion in action and a look at the modest and charming man behind the photographs.

The movie will certainly give you something to think about as Cunningham cycles past a protest to save fashion industry jobs. Cunninghman, observing the world around him with his camera lens, is also astute about the fashion industry. Fashion, Cunningham reveals, is more than getting dressed, corporate profits, recycling designer ideas, functionality, uniformality, it's about...  

You really didn't think I would spoil it for you? Go see it before I give too much away.  

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