Saturday, 11 June 2011

Vogue 8709....

Vogue 8709 Bodice fronts
I started sewing Vogue 8709.  So far I am finding it an interesting pattern as I'm piecing it all together.
Vogue 8709 View B 

I'm making view B with the four piece single layered collar.

The bodice back is cut on the bias which will give it a nice ease.  And you're probably thinking that I made a mistake cutting out the bodice front pieces, but no, I didn't!  It is a design feature that will come together when the collar is applied.

The sleeves are sewn and view B has the traditional men's style cuff and pleat detailing.  And a wide buttoned cuff that I love.

It has been a while since I last sewed a shirt style cuff and it was easy.  Reinforce along the pattern markings, and clip open.  Now you're ready to sew on the placket along the cut edge.  

Right now the sleeves are pinned to the shoulder seams of the bodice until I tackle the project in the morning.

But I am curious... did anyone make this jacket and try easing the cap of the sleeve using the staystitch plus method given in the sewing instructions?

I opted for the double rows of wide stitching to ease the sleeve, old habits die hard I guess?

But I have to admit I am intrigued by this new technique.  I'll have to practice this method and see if it really is an "easier" method that "works better than doing the double row of basting stitches".

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