Friday, 24 June 2011

Pigs do fly!

Busy week at work and fighting some bug, so I just haven't had time to blog or sew. I'm back now.

I was torn about which Vintage 1940s style skirt pattern to use. Well, this is the one, Vogue 2885.

Looks like a cute pattern.  The back pleat has a triangular insert.  There is a side zipper and the skirt waistline has waist facing pieces, no waistband.

I'll be testing the skirt pattern out on another fabric before I cut it out of the Liz Caliborne fabric I picked up in the home decor department.

No muslin around the house so I'm using a pink and beige striped linen that I have no inspirational or emotional attachment to. I just want to make sure that I get the fit right before cutting it out the red and white fabric. If the test fabric and pattern turn out in the pink and beige linen it might make a cute skirt to kick around the house in.

I know!  Pink. Who would ever think that Moi would be adding pink into my wardrobe. This will be the second pink something I've made this spring. I guess pigs do fly.    

It is all pinned and ready to cut... but right now it is time for a cup of tea and then off to bed as I have an early start to my day. Hopefully, this weekend I can start on my sewing project.

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