Sunday, 31 July 2011

Let's get cookin'!

Front view, rooster print side
Yesterday, I had an afternoon of sewing at my disposal.

Back view, rooster print side
And would you believe that it was enough time for a coffee run, short trip to the grocery store along with time to cut, sew, rip out the side seam, and complete the Butterick 5263 Apron!

It really is an unusual event to have that span of time devoted to a start-to-finish project.

This was seriously a luxury and I was in sewing heaven.

The apron consists of three pieces: the front, back and pocket. The apron is a size medium and it has a very generous fit.

I did tweak the pattern for the pocket though.  I like the shape but instead of putting seam binding around the edges I added another 1  1/8" to the top edge and a 5/8" seam allowance. I also adjusted the placement slightly from the pattern markings.

The apron has four pockets altogether, two on each side.
Back button closure

Same with the buttons, there is a two sets of buttons sewn on reverse sides.

Reverse side button closure
I found it easier to sew one button at at time and then wrapping the thread around to create a make-shift shank before moving onto the reverse side.

Did you catch that there was some quality seam ripping time devoted to this project?

Yes, I was not paying attention when I was attaching the rooster print to the polka dot print apron pieces together.

First, the apron front and backs were attached by sewing the neckline, back curved edges, armhole curves, and bottom front.  Everything looked great so I clipped the edges and pressed the apron.

Just need to sew the side seams together. Simple, right?

So I thought, and quickly went to work not noticing that while I transported it from the ironing board to my sewing table to pin it I managed to twist the the pieces. I was finished sewing the side seam when I realized that it was twisted. Oops, my bad.

Luckily, I keep the seam ripper close by and it all worked out.

On today's menu:  more sewing, Butterick 5561, and the pattern give-away!.


  1. Great apron...will you be using it everyday or just for special occasions? Any fabric left over for matching pot holders? I am a bit jealous for having the time to start and finish a project in a perpetual complaint is that "I never have enough time to sew..." But one of my goals (and I'm starting small) for August is to set aside 2 hours on my days off for sewing only....

  2. NICE APRON!!!! never seen something like that before ....:p

  3. William, I happily lost the apron to my mom. I hope she doesn't save it for special occasions and use it often. I wouldn't mind making another one for myself. I wonder if there is more rooster print fabric at the store? And no, there is not enough for matching pot holders... but what a good idea!


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