Sunday, 24 July 2011

New look...

I was going through my closet recently, deciding what is donate-worthy, what fits, and what-not. And I came to my Andrea Katz Object (AKO) jumpsuit that I made last year.

I blogged about it here, outlining why the jumpsuit didn't end up looking anything like the photograph on the Vogue 1185 pattern shown.

I liked the jumpsuit. I was able to make it look somewhat like the photograph, okay perhaps not. I'll let you decide.

I didn't want to give it away, but I was considering how I could change it to be more function-able to fit my lifestyle.

Front View
Well, if you haven't figured me out by now... I love wearing skirts and dresses over pants or jumpsuits. I just feel more comfortable that way even though I do like the look.

Back View
And that is what I did. I changed the jumpsuit into a dress.

I cut off the cuffs.  Cut up and along the inside leg seam and then tapered off the soon-to-be skirt front and back with chalk.

Stitched it, tried it on, decided it looked cute and went to work finishing it off.

I have to say I love it a million times better as a dress.

I don't have long legs to pull off a jumpsuit look but I think I can work the the dress look.

I was happy with the length, so I serged the bottom skirt and finish it off with a narrow hem.

I think I will hold onto the pattern for a bit longer and just make note of the changes to make it a dress instead. I think I wouldn't mind making it again, without the initial jumpsuit drama.


  1. I love the look of jumpsuits but I do think that they can sometimes be difficult to wear. What a wonderful idea to transform yours into a dress. I always think that if you don't love something then you shouldn't wear it - so much better to turn it into something that you will wear often.

  2. I just bought this pattern. Im going to make it for my mother, I never thought of it as a dress... Great idea! :) and love the fabric.


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