Thursday, 7 July 2011

Have you ever...

Have you ever made something that wasn't working out and you just kept sewing trying to save it?

That would be my experience with Vogue 1185. I made it last year in a denim in a size that I typically sew using Vogue patterns.

I thought that the loose relax look of the jumpsuit would be perfect for the hot Winnipeg summers. Yes, it does get hot in Winnipeg. But I digress... I didn't realize how loose fitting it was.

Of course it was one of those times that I was so excited to make something that I didn't make a muslin.  My bad.

And then there is the fact that sometimes I forget that I'm actually five-foot-one. Like the time I chose this pattern with the model on the envelope who is likely six-foot-something without the three inch heels.

Back view buttons and red topstitching
I cut all the pieces and I took great care with the top-stitching. The red top-stitching on the dark denim looked great! I was pleased with how the sewing was progressing until it came time to try it on.

I kept sewing until it came for the placement of the pockets. I wanted to get the placement just right,  There are two pockets on each side of the jumpsuit, one smaller pocket (well, not really small) inside an oversized patch pocket. Oh my goodness.  I then realized that not only the pockets but also the jumpsuit was oversized, I don't know what I was thinking until then. The crotch was doing something funky, and the exaggerated armhole opening would never allow me to wear it without a tee-shirt or camisole underneath. And then I looked at my refection in the mirror below the dropped crotch line. Gasp!

The edge of the jumpsuit leg was touching the floor and I hadn't even sewn on the lower front and back pieces! After the initial shock and horror, laughter ensued as I tried to not to reached for a bottle of red wine.  
Front view 

Now was not time for wine, rather some intervention.  I corrected the funky-ness going on at the crotch area by tapering it off.  I cut the length on the jumpsuit and omitted the lower back and front pieces.  The adjusted length then allowed me space to add the leg band. And I omitted the outer patch pocket that would have just sealed the jumpsuit as a circus clown outfit with my body figure and short stature.

Despite all the horrors that I saw in the mirror when I first tried the semi-finished jumpsuit I kept working on it to try to see if it could be saved.

I'm glad that I did because I like the jumpsuit. I don't know if I will ever use the pattern again but I am happy that I didn't give up on it. I do wear it on occasion especially in the summer.

And it taught me a valuable lesson that I try to remember...

Always make a muslin!    

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  1. I always do a "muslin" baste up that could be a garment if the pattern works for me OR could be tossed without wincing if it looks odd on the reality of my figure.


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