Friday, 8 July 2011

Will and Kate at the Calgary Stampede

Hands down, this is my favourite picture of Will and Kate at the last leg of the Royal Canadian tour. Don't get wrong, I'm not a fan of western wear, but I love how Will and Kate have embraced national events while they have been here. They look adorable.

Will and Kate leading the Prime Minister of Canada who is looking less stylish.  Will and Kate's best fashion accessory, their smiles.  {source}

The white hats Will and Kate are wearing were specially made for their Calgary arrival. The hats, by Smithbilt, are made with European rabbit fur.  It is the top model of Smithbilt hats and named The Wild West.  

Stampede Fascinators {source}
The look would not be complete without a pair of west boots. And Will and Kate received a pair of ostrich and kangaroo custom-made cowboy boots. The boot makers, Alberta Boot Company, kept Kate's fashion style in mind when they made them with a 15-inch top, a few inches taller than the typical cowboy boot.

Not only has the Calgary Stampede influenced Will and Kate's fashion style for the day, Kate's fashion style influenced a local designer. Nancy Cheriwchan and her friends were influenced by Kate's style when they came up with the idea for Stampede fascinators. They will be making their inaugural appearance at this year's Calgary Stampede.


  1. Nice...... it looked like they had a good time yesterday on the news :) To bad they didn't even go near Manitoba :(

  2. I know! But William did say that they will return to Canada. Maybe a Manitoba visit next time?

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