Friday, 22 July 2011

Stylish Cycling

I've fallen behind in my newspaper reading and trying to catch up. In doing so, I came across a Globe and Mail article about cycling to office without the hassle of changing when you get to work. I wasn't impressed with the article.

I think the article missed on some pointers for "how to cycle in style".

First, I have to disagree with the knapsack as the essential cycling accessory. Why would you want to have the additional weight to carry on your back while your riding? Not only could your knapsack contribute to back strain or throwing off your balance if you turn suddenly, it is just not comfortable on those long trips in the warm weather. To me cycling in style is a combination of being safe and unburdened.

I personally like the saddle bags I installed on my bike. I have not regretted the money I invested in that little purchase. Not only does it take a load off my back, it prevents back tire splashes from appearing on my back of my clothing.

And what is all this about riding in heels? Seriously? You see women walking to the subway, bus stops, home in their business attire and runners. And then you see women cycling in heels.

What is the point? Especially when there are so many stylish shoes with good arch support.

If anything I have learned it would be treat your feet right and it will pay you back ten fold, and you can always throw the heels for the office in your saddle bag.

It seems that the newspapers have been running oh so many articles about how to dress while cycling but do we really need the fashion advice?

I say dress how you like, what makes you feel comfortable. I think in North America there is a tendency of over-romanticizing the European cities filled with stylish cyclists. I think if your comfortable, you'll be wearing a smile and that is the best fashion accessory anyone can have.

Cheers for safe and stylish cycling!

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