Saturday, 9 July 2011

Try this on for size!

I open up my Saturday paper and this is what I find! A story about why women's sizing are not standardized like men's. I can totally relate to this story but in the context of sewing, and my recent experience with Colette's beautiful wrap dress pattern. Oh and there was that experience with the pleated skirt pattern from Burda Style.

For years I've been a smaller size in sewing patterns. Trust me I'm no bragging. During that time it was difficult to find patterns that fit properly until I discovered the defunct New York Collection by McCall's. They had some wonderful patterns that fit well. And then Butterick, McCall's, and Vogue merged.

Vogue continued the line of these fashionable patterns but only for a short time. They are no longer in existence. I still have some of them in my collection with the intention of one day re-grading them into my current size.

Recently I have had a difficult time re-discovering what size I am. A little bit, okay maybe a bit more than a little bit, of weight gain and I'm totally confused.    

Vogue and Butterick patterns did not fit as well as those NY Collection patterns back in the day when McCall's carried the line. I was sad to witness their discontinuation. Now-a-days, in my post-weight gain state Vogue and Butterick patterns fit my frame better than they did years ago.

I find that a size-whatever with one brand of patterns is not necessarily the same in another brand. Never mind vintage pattern sizing! What is a gal to do? I'm not looking for a smaller size number, I just want patterns with good fit. That is what makes me excited with glee!

"Every designer wants to have their own stamp on fit", something that George Simonton points out in the Winnipeg Free Press article. And I believe this is true with sewing pattern companies. I think it is trial and error in discovering the perfect brand and style.

So back to that trial and error thing, Threads magazine has a wonderful article on Cut and Spread Pattern Grading and see if I can revive those old NY Collection patterns that I still fancy.

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