Sunday, 3 July 2011

The line-up...

So I've been busy pressing, pinning, cutting out fabric and interfacing in order to get some of my sewing projects organized.

Here is what I plan to make with my upcoming free time.

Project #1:

The newly arrived Colette patterns are being cut.  The wrap style dress, Crepe, I am making in a blue linen. I know in the picture it looks green for some reason but it really is blue.

I pre-washed the linen fabric in the washing machine and dried it in the dryer. To prevent it from getting all tangled I folded it out in layers about a meter long and pinned the four corners through all the thicknesses.

If you catch it right when the dryer cycle ends and you take out the fabric you can prevent wrinkles from overtaking your newly preshrunk fabric. As you can see I wasn't quick enough and still had to take an iron to it before I lay out the pattern.  

Project #2:

Sencha, from Colette Patterns. I think this is the cutest blouse pattern, and only four pattern pieces! I love the retro vibe the pattern has with the buttons down the back. It reminds me of the blouses my mother use to wear back in the sixties.

I've cut out version 2 of the blouse with the tucks coming from the neckline and bottom hem.

The fabric is a 100% polyester. It is lightweight and I think it will look cute with a white 1940s style skirt. Fingers crossed.  

Project #3 & 4:

 The 1940s skirt pattern that I absolutely love! I could make a dozen of these, but I'll start with two.  It is Vintage Vogue 2885.

The illustration on the pattern envelope shows the skirt as a slim version, but it really is an A-line skirt. No waistband just waist facing pieces and a side zipper (or the option of snap closures).  Front and back darts and a kick pleat.

I'm going to make it in the red and white 100% cotton shown here and the second version in a white 100% Cotton Sateen Stretch.

Project # 5:

I made this blouse for my mom and I have to say I quite liked it, so I'm going to make a different version for myself. But basically the same blouse.

I chose an ivory embroidered 100% cotton. The width was quite narrow and for a moment there I thought that I wouldn't have enough for the collar. I'm so glad I did.  

And my on-going project:  

I save all my scraps to make grocery bags so that I don't use plastic.  It is McCall's 8705 version B. If my left over fabric pieces are not big enough for the pattern piece I sew smaller pieces together until I have a mis-matched, quilted if you like, piece of fabric to cut the pattern piece. The bag is lined so it is nice and strong and the pieced together fabric can go inside.   


  1. Look like your busy! Have fun while you do it!!!!

  2. Wow, I love your skirts and your organizational skills are enviable! Great work, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you Kuby. I'm happy with the skirts too. It are only a few things more awesome than finding a pattern that works for your body type. So glad I found it.


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