Monday, 18 July 2011

Mama's finally got a brand new dress pattern

Mama R's Cotton Sateen Dress
Boy, make Mama R a new dress and she won't leave me alone! I'm kidding. I'm happy that she likes the tweaked Vogue 7836 dress that I made last month.

Vogue 7836
She's been wearing it and after me to make her a new one. Actually, she wants a couple more made.

"They'll be nice dresses to wear around the house," she tries to convince me.

I tried to make her something new, something different but it was not a peaceful process.

"I like the other one," fearing that the sizing might not work.

"Just let me try out this pattern," I argued, "you always said you like dresses with buttons down the front.

The complaining continued, "the colour is ugly!"

"I'm just trying out the pattern," I try to explain, "It is linen you know." But she can't let go of the fact that she hates the colour.

"This colour makes me look like a nun," she continues arguing as I roll my eyes.

Trying on the shell she correctly observes that it was not roomy enough like the tweaked Vogue 7836.

"It's not going to fit," pleading that I give up on the project and get to the work on the other dresses that she wants.

"I can fix it," I try to reassure her, "Just let me fix it."

Sometimes I think I get my stubbornness from her.

Well, as you can tell Mama R finally won the battle.

Of course, I punished her by making her hang out with me in the basement as I made a new pattern according to her specifications using the tweaked Vogue 7836 as the guidelines.

"Can I help?" she asks.

"No, it's okay," I said, happy with the company.

"I can cut out the material," she offers fearing that I might pull out some "ugly" linen instead of the cotton print she wants for the new dress.

"So I'm going to drop the front neckline like the first dress?" I said certain that she would agree.

"No, it's fine the way the pattern is," she responds.

The pencil goes limp in my fingers as I try to process her answer. It is difficult so I ask, "What?"

"Make it like the pattern," she calmly replies.

"But you hated the original neckline," I remind her as I'm replaying the fitting scenarios in my head.

"I know but make it this way," she toys with me.

"Just don't forget the pockets!" she urges me to continue.

Now that the tweaked Vogue 7836 is reproduced on the Burda grid tracing paper and the fabric is cut, I have been able to get to work.

The markings for the darts are transferred onto the fabric and the darts are sewn.

The stay-stitching around the neckline is done.

The dress front and back pieces are sewn at the shoulder seams and the pockets are laid out.

But there is a sense of fear looming in the air, will she make me change the neckline when she tries it on tomorrow?

I'm sure she will, she likes to toy with me.

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