Sunday, 17 July 2011

How far will you go for fashion?

How far would you go for fashion?  Would you get inked?

It seems to be the it thing to do in my circle of people I know. And I'm not talking young people, sailors, bikers, or non-professional people. Think fifty-something catholic school teacher and thirty-something accountant as recently inked tattoo fans. Yes, the mainstream.

Could they be influenced by celebrity trends and the popularity of reality television shows observing tattoo culture with programs like LA Ink and Miami Ink?

I have never been one for getting a tattoo. Any kind of tattoo, especially the kind where they use a needle and ink and your skin as a canvas.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not judging anyone who is thinking of or has a tattoo. I appreciate it for the art form that it is, an aesthetic representation that invokes an emotional response for the wearer.

My personal issue with tattooing is where that art form is presented. Let me explain. For me, fashion is not just about expressing yourself, it is about change.

Like I said, I do appreciate tattoo for the art form that it represents.

Baby Onsie with tattoo sleeves
So what is a gal, guy, or baby to do if they want to jump on the tattoo bandwagon without making that permanent fashion commitment?

For the non-committal there is Wild Rose Tattoo Clothing.

This Canadian clothing line created by Susan Setz in 2005 features a line of mesh clothing that she prints and manufactures. Her company also ships internationally.    

There is some cute stuff here besides the baby onesie (also available in pink!) and the cheeky tattoo sleeves.

What do you think, ink or mesh?

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  1. eh neither. I just don't find it attractive. Where I come from there's a tradition among a certain kind of people for women to tattoo their man's name on their arm. These are usually the kinds of people who view women as chattel. I guess its because of that association with women being 'owned', that tattoos just don't do it for me.


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