Monday, 4 July 2011

Hats off...

The hat is finally done! I've been meaning to make a hat for a few weeks now but between indecision and procrastination... well anyway, here it is.

It was made using a McCall's Fashion Accessories pattern from a few years back.  I think there are some really cute hats in this pattern that I still consider fashionable in the current fedora crazed era we're reliving.

I chose hat style A. And I chose a heavy weight red linen that I found in the home decor department of my local fabric store.

Only two pattern pieces! The brim has small pleats where the brim and the crown pieces meet and unseen when worn.

The inside of the hat is finished off with grosgrain ribbon sewn through all thicknesses and top-stitched on the outer edge.

I finished off the hat with a light green ribbon.  


  1. I love your hat - it looks very fun and fashionable! I've never made a hat but you've got me wanting to try it.

  2. Thanks. It was easier than I thought it would have been, even the pleats. If only I knew I would have made it years ago!


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