Monday, 25 July 2011

A complete detour from my plans

I've been sewing items that are a complete detour from my sewing plans from earlier this summer. I've been sewing baby clothes. Can't blame me for the detour can you? It was easy since baby clothes are so adorable.

This McCall's pattern has seen a great deal of use over the years, it is my staple baby gift pattern. I've had this pattern since 1994 when it came out and the pattern pieces are starting to show a lot of wear and tear.  I think it is time to copy the McCall's 7367, Infants layette pattern onto some new paper.

I love sewing the asymmetrical jumpsuit. It has ribbon ties inside and a button closure. The pattern comes with preemie, newborn, small, and medium sizes. I always sew the medium size which fits 16 to 18 pounds or 7 to 8 kg.

Three of my co-works are expecting this year, two are expecting next month and the third is expecting at the end of the year. Sew, I'm getting ready for the upcoming baby showers.

Of course, the expecting mums do not want to know the sex of their babies before they are born! So I'm left guessing, it is a fifty-fifty chance that I'm right or not. Either way I couldn't resist using these fabrics

I chose girly knit fabrics, the one on the right has red and pink hearts and the one on the left is my favourite with a pale yellow background with little pink roses. I have some blue knit that I can make up with some yellow embroidery top-stitching and maybe some fish buttons in case the babies turn out to boys!

The jumpsuit with the little red and pink hearts is almost finished. You may have noticed that the overlapped front is different than on the pattern photo. Yes, that was another my bad moment, but I actually like it too and it is why I left it instead of enjoying some quality seam ripper time. I think the blue ones I plan to make I will lap the front the other direction.

Instead of using contrasting ribbing I chose the same fabric as the jumpsuit. It works.  

For the closure I going to skip the button and buttonhole since the stores are full of these wonderful snap closures! You can find them in any size from teeny-tiny to coat size worthy.

And to decorate the closure area I thought I would add these little roses. What do you think, are the roses too much or will they work?

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