Sunday, 13 November 2011

In sewing news today...

I can move again!  

Well, I stayed away from the sewing machines this weekend and tried to mend. It was a weekend of Tiger Balm, Tylenol, and my new favourite machine that every sewing room should be equipped with:

This little machine saved me this weekend. A few minutes on my left shoulder (okay, maybe it was a little more) and I was feeling mighty relieved.

What is it?

HoMEDICS, a hand held massager.

Every sewing basket needs one of these.

And maybe a timer to remind me to get up an stretch and do some exercises as a break to avoid sitting at the sewing machines for too long.

Who knew?    

I had a huge surprise this weekend. My nephew was visiting and would you believe that he asked if I would make him another polar fleece.

Maybe that is how I hurt my neck? The double-take when he asked the question. Even Mama R was shocked. Bless his little heart, he is the one nephew that I can say has always been happy with the items I've made for him. But he is thirteen, a teenager, I didn't expect that he would let me have the honour to make him one more fleece.

So, digging through my stash of patterns I was able to find my Simplicity 3651 pattern of mens and boys parkas. A few adjustments to the style as per my nephew's request and this will  work.

So it was off to the fabric store since I didn't have anymore fleece in my fabric stash.

I was in trouble once I got to the fabric store, there was too much to chose from. I thought I would have had it narrowed down to the colour green, his favourite colour. And then there were other prints. Yikes!

I won't tell you which fabric he chose, I'll just say that I was surprised.

And I think the colour suits him too.

Who knew that was his second favourite colour?  


  1. I bet his choice was the pink in the bottom left corner of the last picture! Or possibly the red with white maple leaves. :D I'm excited to see how this turns out. I want to make my brother something, but he's 27 and picky when it comes to clothes.

  2. You have an amazing choice of fleece in your fabric store! I love the maple leaf prints!
    Thank you for your comment on the top in my blog. I have made that Vogue 1248 skirt as well, last month some time. I just love both the pieces from that pattern, such a clever design...

  3. What an honour to be asked by your nephew to make something for him - teenagers are notoriously difficult to please! I'm looking forward to seeing the fabric he chose .....!

  4. What about the bows? Paula

  5. Oh, the bows! They are making me loopy.

    I can't wait to finish and put away that stiff taffeta and let my fingers glide over the soft, plush fleece as it feeds underneath the presser foot of my machine.

    My nephew did give a hint as to the fleece he chose over at his blog. You can find it at


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