Monday, 14 November 2011

Where is the fun?

I've been sewing straight lines, a lot of straight lines.

Three hundred sixty-one feet, or four thousand three hundred thirty-two inches of straight lines. And not just sewing straight lines, before that I had to serge them. So sew it has actually been seven hundred twenty-two feet of straight stitching or eight thousand six hundred sixty-four inches of straight stitching.

And I'm not even finished, I'm not even near finished this project.

I know it is for the church, and I should share my gifts, blah, blah, blah (Catholic guilt) but I'M BORED!!!

I want some curves! I want some darts! I miss details!

That Marcy Tilton jacket, Vogue 8752, might be the thing I need to get back to work on after this project. Or to be holding the soft plush fleece for my nephew's pullover between my fingers. A gal could only dream.

One thousand four hundred forty inches of straight stitching to go.


  1. Ick. Maybe you need a break. Can you switch gears for a few hours and sew something with a few less straight seams?

  2. Yikes! That's a lot of stitching - good luck!


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