Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Singer Sewing Machines

I have wonderful childhood memories of my Mom sewing on a Vintage Singer sewing machine.

It is a beautiful machine.  

The ornate metal and wood work on the cabinet demand that the sewist take time to admire the impressive craftsmanship.  

The gold painted figure and script that decorate the machine are full of historical references. This artifact from the past is not only a sewing machine, it is a piece of art.  

There is no fancy craftsmanship or art work decorating this post-war Singer sewing machine.

Mama R's second sewing machine was a electric Singer. This one is strictly business and plastic. The discovery of plastic revolutionized society by introducing a variety of cheaply made products for our consumption.

The modern Singer machines were there to get the job done. And they did. Today, it decided to call quits.

We then dug out the old Vintage Singer from storage and cleaned it off.

Mama R shared stories of her own childhood. Her sisters would sew clothes for the family back in the 1930's and 40's on a sewing machine just like this one.

She said it brought back memories. Her smile revealed they were happy memories.

She dusted it off with care and discovered long lost tins with buttons that were hiding in the small drawers of the cabinet.

And then she sewed.

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