Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Re-visiting and celebrating some fun and challenging sewing projects

I just finished the most tedious sewing project that I ever had to sew. It was serging and narrow hemming the bows, feet after feet of straight stitching. They look great, but I don't think I would want to revisit that experience.

So I think today, I would like to revisit and celebrate those sewing projects that were not at all tedious. Some of my favourites that have challenged me in a good way. Enjoy, I'm going to take a break and clean up the machines.  

Pleats, pockets, plackets, and a hem facing.  I loved the challenge this Vogue pattern offered.
Vogue 1220

The pattern was fun and simple, it was the fabric that proved to be challenging.
McCall's NY Collection 2465

Oops, I cut the bias front in two pieces.  It should have been cut on the fold.
The challenge: will the placket work out? It did, but the front facing that was another story.
Thank goodness for seam rippers!
Burda Style 7489 

The dress was a re-make using a simple pattern.
The challenge was hidden in the fabric.  Who knew it would be so difficult to press?
Vogue 7836

Baby sleepers, even though I have made this pattern countless times
I always get confused as to which side to overlap the front.
McCall's  7367

I love the darts on this jacket.
Jacket: Simplicity 2593 (circa 1969)
Dress: Vogue 7836

I absolutely love Marcy Tilton patterns!
They take forever to cut out and there are a lot of pieces but
they are so worth the investment of time and work!
Vogue 8709  


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