Friday, 18 November 2011

The Big Reveal!

I almost pulled an all-nighter finishing up my nephew's polar fleece. Almost an all-nighter. I called it quits at 3:30 in the morning.

I thought I would wait to see my nephew today and get him to try it on before I hemmed up the sleeves.

My fear was that it wouldn't be long enough and that I would have to do a narrow hem. You can see that my fear was foolish.

I had to cut two inches off the length and that still allowed for an inch and a half hem.

He didn't want the velcro strips on the front yokes so I left it off.

The Ooops Fleece
I think he feared that the same experience on a previous polar fleece might occur.  A few years ago I made him a fleece that he couldn't fit over his head. Ooops.

I didn't have that problem with this one.  Yippeee!

The back of the polar fleece also had a yoke.

I have to say I enjoyed this pattern. The pieces fit together without any issues.  I didn't even have to ease the sleeve curve.  Luv'd it! I also like the top stitching around the armhole and yoke pieces.

My nephew had some design elements that he wanted for his fleece. A must: kangaroo style pocket in the front.

And I have to tell you after sewing all those bows I was happy to sew those curves on the opening of the pocket.  

So with the sleeve measurements taken care of, I was sent to the sewing machine to finish up the final details.

Mama R helped out by feeding him a big lunch (he does have to fill in that fleece you know).  And then a game of cards. We can't let him run around and burn off calories. It would defeat the purpose of the big lunch.

After a few games he came downstairs to announce that he still wasn't quite happy with the fleece.

How dare he!

I'm teasing. He was right, the front yoke was missing something.

"Buttons" he suggested.

"You want buttons?" I asked.

"Yeah, do you have any blue ones", he replied.

I didn't but we rummaged through my button drawer and came up with some options that might work.

I have to tell you my nephew has good taste in buttons. I think they look great.

Just one more finishing touch, hidden in the side seam. 

I can use these, I'm his only aunt.  


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