Sunday, 20 November 2011

In sewing news today...

Something is missing!

My sewing machine is missing.

It is over at Quilt as Desired in the hands of Rob. Rob is the guy that I trust with my all of my sewing machines.

He fixed my Janome serger a few years ago and won me over as a loyal customer. I even picked up my Baby Lock serger there too.

My sewing machine was acting up. I have been putting off a tune up on the machine for some time. I'm trusting Rob to fix one of the buttonhole features that hasn't been working and to correct that skipped stitches that was happening lately.

My fingers are crossed that my sewing machine will be back home sometime this week.

And Score!  

Dropping off the sewing machine at Quilt as Desired, gave me a chance to look at their line of accessories. They tend to carry items that I can't find at my local Fabricland

And I did find something that I just learned about last week while watching an episode of Sewing with Nancy. Basting tape.  

On the episode of Sewing with Nancy this was used when she was re-fashioning shirts and adding a ruffle detail to the front placket. Nancy cut a piece of the basting tape attached it to the ruffle piece she had sewn, peeled off the backing paper and finger pressed it into place on the shirt. Then she was ready to sew! Luv it!  

I'm going to use this for zippers. 

This would be a handy little item for an emergency sewing kit. What a save it would be for reposition a hem that has come apart until you can get home to mend/repair it.

And since I was in the neighbourhood... 

I had to stop into Fabricland, since I was in the neighbourhood. 

Check out what Mama R and I found in the bargain centre.  

This light weight suiting fabric is gorgeous to the touch. I wish you can touch it but you'll have to trust me. It is 65% wool, 32% rayon, 3% spandex content. 

I cut a square and threw it in the wash to see how much it would shrink. I was surprised, not much. Actually hardly anything. I thought for sure with the rayon content there may have been significant shrinkage. But I was presently proven wrong.  

It did fray though, something to watch out for. And can you believe that even though I threw it in the washing machine, it didn't loose it shape or gorgeousness? I'm thinking a suit, or maybe a dress.  

Mama R picked out a pretty 100% polyester satin crepe. It is a nice weight too.  

She is thinking about a new dress.  And I have to say that now that I have some basting tape and a proper invisible zipper foot I'm not worried about tackling this project.   

What was I thinking?  

Sometimes, I think that quilting fabric should never be used for sewing clothing. This is one of those cases.

I wonder if my sewing machine was skipping stitches as a form of protest. Could it be that it was trying to question my sanity at my latest sewing project?

You see I used the vintage cartoon print that I found in the quilting section at Fabricland. I thought it was cute.

I thought it would make a cute shirt, something to wear around the house. So I picked Vogue 8748 for the project.

Seriously, I don't know what I was thinking!

I know the style is oversized, but this is the width of the back! I'm drowning in it! And the print didn't help. What was I thinking?

The fabric is 100% cotton, and perhaps it is a little bit stiff for this shirt. Maybe something light-weight and drape would be better?

Or myabe, I should just pass the pattern on to someone who has the height to pull it off?

Well, either way I can file this one under sewing disaster #___. Yikes, I lost count.  

Sew what is a gal to do?

Since I'm without a sewing machine for about a week or so (fingers crossed it will be less time than that), what is a gal to do?

Mama R has graciously allowed me to use her sewing machine.

It is a good machine that is capable of getting the job done. But I will tell you I'm going to miss that automatic needle threader that my Janome is equipped with.

I think I will take her up on her offer. I do need to revisit my Vogue 8577 that I blogged about here.

There appears to be a little bit of tweaking that needs to be done.

First, I need to take up the lining in the front of the dress.

And second, I need to tweak the hem at the front of the dress so that it overlaps the other side.

Singer to the rescue!

Anyway, that is all in sewing news today.

Happy Sewing!

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