Monday, 22 December 2014

Year in Review: Things That Rarely Make it Out of the Closet

I'm not perfect and same goes for my sewing. Here are some of my less than perfect creations this year. 

Above left:  The yellow and blue dress I made for Mama R and she ended up letting out the curved darts and asked me to add front pockets but still I rarely see her wear it. Not even as a housedress does she wear it.  

Above middle:  The peplum sweater I made for myself is make in a mystery polyester fabric that isn't warm enough to wear in the cooler months and too uncomfortable to wear in the warmer months. 

Above right:  Yeah, this is one of those ideas that seemed better in theory. I only wore this dress once.  

What happened in the 80s should stay in the 80s. These next three items were made from vintage 1980s patterns.   

Above left:  This skirt cost me a small fortune in the fabric. I found it in the home decor department and I foolishly picked it up when it was 20% off only to discover it was 50% off the following week and that I didn't make the best fabric choice. I should have gone with a fabric with a bit of stretch especially for the waist and hip area.  

Above middle:  Another dress for Mama R. This one she wears more often than the yellow and blue dress but we both agree that the shoulder and neckline are too wide.  

Above right:  A six gored skirt that would work better on a tall and slim model-esque gal not a short, middle-aged, over-weight woman. There wasn't enough give at the waistband and the side closures didn't function at its best. It has made it out of the closet and off to the Sally Ann.   

Left:  This jacket breaks my heart a little bit every time I look at it. I love it in theory. The urban landscape print, the neckline pleating details and the side pockets that I added to the jacket. So why did it make it to this list? This falls under one of my epic sewing bloopers of the year. I cut it in the wrong size and my arm movements are restricted to keeping my hands in the area of the pockets. I still try to wear it every now and then but the fit could be much better.  

It is all good because I enjoyed sewing all of these. I learned new techniques and over-came challenges along the way. And it is about the journey, right? I'm sure I'll make some more mistakes in the future, I just won't be repeating these ones.  

Happy Sewing!  

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  1. Graca, you have such a good attitude about your sewing. I like every one of these, and especially the high waisted skirt and the urban jacket. Beautiful work. I once made a pair of riding breeches with expensive supplex and suede knee patches. I cut them out with the greatest stretch going lengthwise!


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