Thursday, 18 December 2014

Sewing with Velvet: Never Again!

Stash-busting 2014: The last of the Teal Velvet

Fabric:             2.6 metres cotton velvet plus 0.5 metres of polyester lining

Zipper:             22" invisible zipper cut down to 12"

Basting tape:  24" length

Pattern:            McCall's 5795 

Linda Lee started out her article in threads Party Dresses issue with the bold statement, "[i]t's worth it to master this temperamental cloth" referring to velvet. I agree because the dresses are beautiful (if you excuse my lack of modesty for a moment).  

But I will never sew velvet dresses ever again. I am a fan of the smooth softness of the pile and the rich colour when the light hits it just right. But seriously, this was the most challenging sewing projects that I ever worked though. I'm glad they are done.

The latest version is in the children's size five. And you already seen the matching velvet dress but in a girls' size eight.

They are super cute now that they are done. I still have a ways to go to master the art of sewing with velvet but that is for another life-time. For now I'm just happy and shocked that I was able to finish them in time. They're wrapped in tissue and carefully folded, ready to deliver tomorrow morning. And my fingers are crossed that they fit and the girls like wearing them.

So, I'm wondering... what was the most challenging fabric / project you ever made?

Happy Sewing!


  1. They are beautiful! I have attempted this fabric once. Once is enough.

  2. I look forward to each of your posts. Your blog is one of my favorites to read.
    The dresses you made for the girls are beautiful. I have not attempted velvet.
    Thank you for sharing your sewing expertise with us.


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