Saturday, 13 December 2014

In Sewing News Today...

McCall's came out with a set of new patterns this past week. Lucky for my wallet, there are no patterns that jump out as must-have patterns. According to the selection of dresses released in this collection, it looks like hemlines are on their way up. There is one pattern that I do very much like, McCall's 7093

I do like anything with pockets (necessary for work). I just don't need another top pattern but I do think it is cute even though it has the high-low hemline that I'm so, so over. And of course, McCall's came out with some cute kids' patterns which would be perfect made up for gift-giving.    

Talking about McCall's patterns, do you remember the last dress I made? I wore it to work this past week on the day of the Advent concert. I was trying to dress up Christmasy (is that even a word?). Someone said the dress looks like an angel costume (I don't see it) and then Thursday that came up again. I'm not sure if they are kidding or they are serious. I hope they are kidding because for one thing I would hate it if the dress came across looking like a costume and secondly there were hints that the dress would make a good angel costume which apparently "needs to be replaced." I didn't see anything wrong with the costumes at the Advent concert so my fingers are crossed that they're kidding. There is nothing that makes me feel ill to my stomach than someone trying to recruit me to do big sewing projects. I can't see where they will find money in the budget for supplies to make new costumes never mind wanting it made out from a pattern that is sized for an adult and took over three metres of fabric and five of trim. Besides, you can buy costumes cheaper than you can make them. And even that I can't see being in the budget. They must have been kidding. Besides there are more realistic angel costumes out there like McCall's 2340 that are appropriated sized and styled for elementary aged-students. Besides making me completely perplexed, the whole experience now has me hating my costume-y looking holiday dress and it is now in the donate pile heading to the Salvation Army.

Well, I'm hoping that the the velvet dresses I'm working on won't look costume-y when I'm done. I like how they are looking so far but then I didn't think my dress looked like a costume. If anything, I hope the velvet dresses will be looked upon as a favourable holiday cliche.  

Fingers crossed.  Happy Sewing!


  1. That McCall's top is on my wishlist too.

  2. I loved your white dress. Don't let others teasing you make you feel bad about your dress. Who are they? the dress police?

    I want to make one like it, but with a regular hemline. White makes a beautiful winter dress.

  3. I don't think it looks like a costume. I think people just have Christmas on the brain. I wouldn't give it away just yet -hang it up and then wear it again in late January in different circumstances.

  4. Graca don't donate your dress!!!!!! It's beautiful!

  5. Don't let other people make you feel bad about the dress, it's lovely and I don't see it as an "angel dress".

  6. Please don't be offended for the speaker, but some people aren't too creative- they can't see a white dress as anything but angel or bridal....sad. That dress is lovely!!!! Maybe a big skull necklace to keep them quiet?

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words and for making me laugh. I think I will go out shopping for a big skull necklace! Lol, you made my inner punk smile. Maybe I will put it away for awhile and see how I feel about it in different circumstances like Sox suggests.

  8. McCalls 7093 is on my wishlist as well. I love that top!

    I am so sorry some fool ruined your dress for you. A similar thing happened to me recently (unblogged) and now I can't bring myself to wear it. Don't give it away just yet, wait for a while and see how you feel.

    Or you could always stencil skulls on it. 8-D


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